A Villain in Venice.

The view from Venezia Santa Lucia train station

Yo, my peoples…. Shout-out to my awesome readers…😲 I love you!

I love Venice too. It’s awesome.ğŸ˜Ž As soon as I stepped off the train I knew that I was going to have loadsa fun in the Venetian sun. Because Venice is different, soooo damn different… It’s one of the funkiest destinations in Europe, but I swear the Venetian lagoon has been taken over by Americans & Chinese folk… Millions mate..!🌍Anyway, Venice is a cool mix of mini islands in a lagoon situated in the Adriatic sea. It’s the capital of Northern Italy’s Veneto region. As everyone knows, there are no roads in Venice, just canal after canal that zigzag there way around the awesome lagoon.

The place is fantastic. There is Renaissance and Gothic architecture at every turn you take. Including bell towers, cathedrals, mosaics, and pretty palaces dated from way back when, and at the height of the Byzantine era & they’re all still in great sightseeing condition. I was a man on a mission as I enjoyed the beautiful & tranquil islands of Venecia.

The Immaculata Virgo is a popular statue that folk like to admire.

The Virgin Mary Immaculate statue is created in bronze & located just outside the train station in Venice.

I spent four days in Venice & enjoyed every minute of it. The tranquility and eccentricity of the happy-go-lucky Venetian folk & the tourists from around the globe are great. Everyone has a smile on their face in this place, because Venecia is very vibrant & extremely entertaining, although the famous cuisine isn’t really up to much. In one restaurant I ordered a spaghetti bolognese, and received a tin of tomato spaghetti. I was excitedly expecting the full shabang with a lot of spices & pepper pizazz, so you can imagine my dissapointment when I seen the not so delicious dish. But apart from that, I have this to say…….


Venice got me like…..


The gondola

The gondola is €80 a pop… Nerr… Not at this stop…!😂

The gondola is a traditional Venetian rowing boat that is perfectly suited to travel around the lagoon. They were created more than 1000 years ago to serve the waterways of this Italian masterpiece of a place. The gondalier’s manning the gondola look like they’re having as much fun as the passengers. I suppose €80 is an OK price if there are a few of you going on the gondola. But for one, it’s a bit of a con.😪

Venice at night is a sight. I took several nightly stolls travelling around the canals whilst talking to Mary Jane.🤒 It was great fun & there were so many like-minded people having the time of their lives, that I didn’t once feel out of place. Venecia is definitely a destination that I will some day again bless with my grace. The lagoon is one of the most visited areas in the whole of Europe, and I can guarantee that the travellers that travel to Venice are regular visitors, because it has that cool, enclosed touristic effect.

Venice at night, oh my, what a sight.

Well, after four fast & very enjoyable days in the Venetian lagoon, it was time to leave this shallow embayment of salt water & continue my journey travelling around the awesome country of Italy.

So, from one villain to another, thanks for reading folks…

Take care out there,


F**k the police, travellers!😜