The Man in Milan

Milano Centrale Train Station

My stay in Milan was ok, but I didn’t really see or experience that much because I was only there for a day. I stayed in a B&B in Milano Garibaldi, which was really nice & I visited the city centre via the metro system to Milano Centrale, which was surprisingly very easy to use. In Spain, I found the metro system quite irritating. But I had no such problem throughout my time in Italy.

Milano Centrale station has a metro system downstairs & the train stations are upstairs. It’s the largest station in Europe by volume. Located in the Northern end of central Milan. Officially inaugurated in 1931 to replace the old central station which was built in 1864. I was impressed by the amount of cafes, shops & restaurants inside Milan’s main terminus. You can spend all day there because it’s more like a shopping mall than a station.

The square outside Milano Centrale is a popular place to chill.

I chilled in the main square for a bit & made me a Mary. The sun was shining & I was smiling because there was a few decent buskers in the square which made it have quite a good vibe. Although I did get a bit annoyed with all the street-sellers who constantly asked if I wanted to buy selfie-sticks & mobile powerbanks.

Milano Centrale’s version of the big apple 😁

This big apple outside the station…. I haven’t got a clue what that’s all about. Maybe ‘Apple Inc’ paid Milan a fee & it’s an advertising/marketing venture for iphones?

As you walk inside Milano Centrale, you’re greeted by this….

The interior of Milano Centrale is awesome….!

Milano Garibaldi

Milan is in Northern Lombardy, Italy. It’s known as the global capital of fashion & design. Home to the national stock exchange & a financial hub, with many fancy restaurants & designer shops. Milan also houses Leonardo da Vinci’s mural ‘The Last Supper’ in the world-famous cathedral. Sadly, I didn’t have time to visit it, one does like a bit of art.

Milano Garibaldi tram system was ğŸ˜Ž

Milano Garibaldi came alive at night. With many hip bars & restaurants in close proximity to my B&B, I was happy enough & I enjoyed the nightlife Garibaldi had on offer. I visited several bars before admiring some street art & travelling to Chinatown for a meal to help dilute all that tasty alcohol.

Milano Garibaldi street art

I’ve forgot the restaurant’s name in Chinatown, but damn was it nice. The atmosphere was great & the dishes were delicious.

This dish was awesome!
& so was this dish.
This swordfish dish in a local supermarket was even better 😁

After my meal I decided to visit a supermarket for more alcohol before jumping on the tram to travel back to the B&B.

I’m sure that I’ll revisit Milan some time in the future to explore a little bit more. However, I still had a great night there before travelling to my next destination in Italy.

Travellers Tips:

Milan’s metro & train systems are easy & awesome..!

Don’t buy stuff in train stations or the close vicinity, because prices are outrageous..!

Milano Garibaldi is a cool place to stay & far cheaper than central Milan. It’s only 10-mins to the city centre via metro..!

Use the trams for exploring the local area. It’s a very cheap way to travel, with a jump-on, jump-off policy..!

Visit Chinatown in Garibaldi, there are lots of fairly priced restaurants & marijuana cafes..!

Thanks for reading folks.


Cheap is Cheerful, Travellers!😜