The French Countryside in the South of France.

The French Countryside

The French countryside in the South of France is very panoramic & picturesque. With enchanting fortified towns & villages containing chateaus, chalets, cottages, private estates, farmland & many mountains all along the drive to the South border, it’s easy to see why so many people choose to start a relaxing new life in this kind of tranquility.

It offers some of the most captivating scenery in Europe with medeival architecture & historical forts & castles built into the mountain tops. The countryside is culturally rich, with each town & village that you drive past, most have there own unique beauty. Many have the distinction of being named to the list of ‘Les Plus Beaux Villages de France’. (That’s the most beautiful villages of France to me & you.)

I’m lucky enough to see the delightful sight of a French fort built into a mountain top, but sadly you aren’t because I was so captivated by it that I didn’t take a snap. By the time I cocked the camera the awesome mountain fort was out of range.

Catching the forts/castles & the quaint towns & villages on my mobile camera was hard graft but I managed to get several snaps that I thought were worthy of publication on my 😎 blog. You would never have known that I was travelling on a high-speed train until I just told you now, huh.

I had a great time travelling by train & it only took 7 long hours. So long, that I was more than half cut by the time my final station appeared & it was time to depart & continue the next stage of my journey. It cost a small fortune buying bottles on the train but I was feeling flush so why not indulge in a much-needed head change. I think it was the guy’s fault who was sitting opposite me strumming on a banjo. His tunes were really good & the acoustic got me in the mood for a beverage.

Farmland in the South of France

Over the next decade, 200,000 farms are expected to be left to rot because of rural de-population. Within a 600-mile long diagonal strip of this de-population from the Belgian border to the Pyrenees, the land is demographically ageing & commercially sick. It’s predicted that the farmland & at least 1,500 small villages will effectively vanish from the map. This emptying of the French countryside began in the 19th century when the demography of rural France suffered a devastating blow in the trenches of the First World War. The countryside never fully recovered because most farmers & their sons were herded like cattle in disproportionate numbers into the ranks of the French infantry.

In fairly recent years, statistics did rise & there were three million farms in France in the mid-1960’s that were sheltered by protectionism, yet they all still had relatively poor internal food distribution. Because of that, there are now just 630, 000 farms & that number is falling fast.

However, the farmland in the South of France still goes on & on for many miles. Most of my journey was greeted by these sights. It was quite a relaxing view & sometimes I wish I was a sheep.

The French Pyrenees

The French Pyrenees offers fantastic landscape of high mountains, dramatic gorges, pristine lakes/rivers, green valleys & wild waterfalls. Many small towns lie alongside the rivers, creating a peaceful ambience with some magnificent sights. The ambience was so peaceful, that I felt the need to create a little poem…..

In the South of France the land is full of greenery & the sky is a sparkling blue with creamy little clouds that made me sigh when I was high because I couldn’t fly over this lush land & take in the new from a birdseye view.😜