Valencia Revisited.

Valencia, Spain.

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Well, I had such an awesome time on my last visit to Valencia that I decided to revisit. Valencia is a vibrant city in Catalonia on the East Coast of Spain. It’s the capital of the ‘Autonomous Community’ & what a capital city it is! My favourite area is the old town with its fantastic sights from Roman ruins, Gothic buildings, magnificent monuments, museums, gardens & many more fascinating places of interest. Valencia has it all. Well almost. You can always have more I suppose.

Valencia cathedral

Valencia’s cathedral is an impressive building that is nestled between the two best squares in the old town. Plaza de la Reina & Plaza de la Virgin.

Valencia’s Old Town is a great place to wine & dine your day away. It has groovy wine bars & dishy diners at almost every turn you take. One does love to dine & wine.๐Ÿท๐Ÿบ So, once again, I was more than tipsy in Valencia City. My snaps are slightly lop-sided, but hey, I do try my best when the alcohol puts me to the test.

The back of the Valencia Basilica

The Valencia Basilica houses the shrine of the ‘Virgen de los Desamparados’ (the patron saint of Valencia.) The Basilica is built on the ruins of the Roman forum. Construction began way back in 1652 & it was continually added to for more than two centuries until it was finally completed in 1824. It has a unique architectural style, which include Baroque, Renaissance, Rococo & Neoclassicism. It’s awesome!๐Ÿ˜Ž

Plaza Redonda

The Plaza Redonda & Plaza de la Virgin are the central places that everyone likes to visit in the old town. The square itself is a great place to sit & dine the day away.

I walked around most of the city all day until darkness showed its face, so I decided to visit the dazzling night lights of the bullring. It’s a nice sight if you’re up for a bull fight.

Plaza de Toros de la Valencia

The Plaza de Toros de la Valencia really is a nice sight at night. The bullring was built between 1850 & 1859. It’s Neoclassical style & it was inspired by civil Roman architecture.

I enjoyed my visit to the bullring & the cool city of Valencia will always entertain. That’s why I’ll be revisiting Valencia next year too. It’s all good.

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