Port de Tarragona.

El Serrallo, Puerto de Tarragona

The Port of Tarragona adapted the Costa quay for public use to preserve & promote the maritime & port heritage of the Spanish coast. All along the four kilometre heritage route of the port are elements of its history with a museum, sportive ports, vessels, loading machinery, lifeboats, traditional trades, lighthouses, workshops & activities from the ports museum to the La Banya lighthouse at the end of the Llevant breakwater.

It’s a nice place to visit, it also has a mix of restaurants, clubs, bars & boats to chill & soak up the Spanish sunshine with a nice glass of red wine. A nice mix in my eyes, so off I paddled to the first boat bar in sight.

El Port de Tarragona lifeboat.

That boat bar was the Tarragona lifeboat. There is a great story all about the history of the Tarragona lifeboat memorial & the heroics of the courageous Spanish seamen who risked their own life to save the lives of people struggling at sea. However, I haven’t got a clue what it is as I forgot to take a quick pic of the notice board like I usually do & Google simply won’t provide any info about it, no matter what I type. So, sadly, that’s all I have to say about that!

This cool bit of sundial kit. Its time was bang on. It’s fascinating how mankind have sussed this stuff huh.

Yeah, I came across this cool sundial. Nobody actually knows for sure who invented the sundial, but it’s believed that it could’ve been either the Egyptians, Greeks, Romans or the Babylonians. AWESOME!

The Port of Tarragona is a leading port in the Mediterranean with a high volume of freight, about 35 million tonnes a year of diversified traffic from all over the world visit the Port of Tarragona. It’s become a regular destination for cruise tourism & it has exclusive berths for cruise ships to moor & for smaller vessels to stay in the marina while the tourists & boat owners hit the port bars for a p#ss up.

Port de Tarragona is doing its bit for the environment by being a part of the ‘Voluntary Agreement Programme’ to reduce greenhouse gases & has gained the ‘Guaranteed Distinction in Environmental Quality.’ There is a special awareness towards biodiversity in the port sector that is reflected by the monitoring of the extraordinary event that took place in the port in 2013. Which was the nesting & breeding of Audouin’s Gulls, an internationally protected migratory species.

After the Port de Tarragona, I decided to travel North to find a spot to chillax, make me a Mary & contemplate my next move.

Platja de Miracle, Tarragona, Spain.

As I walked past the port museum I discovered a little stretch of beach called miracle. I chilled for most part of the day at Platja Miracle, it was hot, crazy HOT! Every half-hour I had to take a dip to cool down. With me being an Englishman, all that heat from the sun seriously took its toll.

After suffering from another bout of sun-stroke I decided to head further up the beach to relax, smoke another spliff & have a few bottles of San Miguel while taking some snaps of the waves crashing into the rocks because I’m weird like that. It sends me into some kind of mad meditation state where I feel completely relaxed, all at ease with the world & the beauty of the Mediterranean Sea. The Tarragona coastline offers great natural panoramic views, although, when I climbed down the cliff to reach my chosen destination there was a crazy amount of plastic, so I did my bit for the environment by bagging it up with my empty bottles before safely putting them in a bin. To this day I’m still very proud of that moment!🌍🌴😎

& after that it was high time I said goodbye to Tarragona & continue on my journey. Until next time folks, don’t forget to do your bit for greenhouse gases & the environment.

Take care out there everyone.


Smoke weed everyday travellers!😜