Are you a survivor?

Do you really have what it takes to survive in the great outdoors?

I’m sure you do, but to survive in style you need an awesome bit of kit that’ll help you when you’re out there tackling the tricky tasks that the great outdoors can suddenly bring your way. To combat this, you need a tasty-tackle travel companion that’ll be by your side at all times, making your life a lot easier, whatever the task may be.

That great companion is this:

Multi-tools Outdoor Survival Kit

Multitools Outdoor Survival Kit

$19.90 free shipping

A great companion for your next camping or fishing trip or as an emergency kit for long car trips, the Multitools Outdoor Survival Kit has everything you’ll need to get the job done!
In addition to a compass and sound-piercing survival whistle, the survival kit comes with a tough wire saw for easy cutting of brush and small limbs.
In addition, a handy 6-in-1 plier offers a built-in wire cutter, saw, bottle opener, flashlight, screwdriver, and pocketknife. There’s also a multi-function stainless steel tool card with a can opener, knife, straight screwdriver, ruler, bottle opener, three different wrench styles, and a small saw.
The entire kit comes in a convenient case for easy storage.


In the box:
* Multi-function tool card
* 6-in-1 plier
* Wire Saw
* 2-in-1 Survival Whistle
* Compass
* Tool Box (5.3 inches x 3.1 inches)

Multi-tools Outdoor Survival Kit

$19.90 free shipping.

It’s an awesome bit of kit for all you travellers out there.

Multi-tools Outdoor Survival Kit

I’m busy freelancing my way around Europe. (Whoop-Whoop)

I’ve got a backlog of half created posts with some super snaps to complete when I finally find the time out of my crazy but cool commitments. However, in the meantime, if you’re searching for some awesome deals like the multi-tools outdoor survival kit, then you’ll be seriously sales savvy if you visit:


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Take care out there,


The eye of the tiger travellers!😜


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    1. & do you have an automated tool activated that steals peoples information, if so, then it has a fault because its showing me at rapid speed my get blogged login page & other logins that I’m affiliated with when I click your link. It may need fixed so your victims don’t know they’re in the mist of a profile predator. Just saying!👺


  1. No, I never knew it did this, and no one ever mentioned anything about it before 😦 I’m sorry if something negative happened. It was surely not intentional. I don’t know enough about computers to do things like such. I’m just on WordPress and have never had issues before. My IPAD sometimes freezes on me. Your comment is very accusatory for something I had no idea whatsoever was happening.

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    1. I’m sorry it was accusatory, but when that happens its usually a bot at work grabbing login data & profile info. It did happen when I pressed both your links so I did react with a snide comment to provoke a response to it. However, I do apologise if you don’t have an ata in use, but it did seem that way.

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      1. Thank you, but I have no need to grab anyone’s WordPress information as I am a writer, myself, and do not need to take hostage other people’s writings.

        I do not hate Narcissists, I hate their behavior, the pain they cause others, and the fact that Narcissistic Abuse is such a horrendous type of abuse that it needs to be talked about so as to protect other vulnerable people from being ensnared. Many people write to me telling me that my articles help them to not feel so alone in their own horrors they have endured with Narcissists and Sociopaths. Growing up in an abusive environment, I have been subjected to these Dark Personalities all my life and it nearly killed me.

        Yes, you brought about a response to your hurtful comment as you intended- one of sadness, shock, and bewilderment since my only reason for contacting you in the first place was to let you know, in my excitement and happiness, that I had nominated you as a participant in the “3 Day, 3 Quote Challenge”, and the next thing I know, I am being outright accused of terrible things.

        Your “snide comment to provoke a response“ as you, yourself, put it, in your allegations was a not only “snide”, but it was a crude form of manipulation, and one of which I did not deserve.

        Good Day,


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      2. This awesome comment you have just made shows that you yourself are a narcissist & borderline sociopath. I have read most of your posts & I’m very aware of mental health issues myself, so I can recognise the motives behind your words & your links did show all of my login pages not just wordpress so that is why I thought you had an ata at work, but I did apologise at once for my comment & snide was just a word not a way for you to attack with this comment. However, I see how you respond in a narcissistic, sociopathic way to just the word snide in my written words. Still its ok though as I may have deserved this comment response as I was so quick to respond to my logins being activated with your links & I thank you for your nomination, but I think its wise to decline. I apologise for the obvious offence that you were so DETERMINED to make me pay for. Hmmm, narcissistic?


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