Are you a potential client who is searching for a freelancer to help you with your project?

Or, are you a freelancer searching for new clientele?

Well look no further than:


PeoplePerHour is an awesome platform for both freelancers & clients. It’s free to join, you can simply sign up, create your profile & you’re all set to buy &/or sell on the PeoplePerHour website.

You can get any job done on PeoplePerHour. The number one freelancing community!

PeoplePerHour has thousands of jobs available online now for freelancers to apply & gain new clients. The gig list is awesome!

So, whatever you specialise in, I’m very confident that you’ll find a gig that is just right for you. Finding new clients has never been easier.

I’m on a freelancers hunt for endorsements, so, if you, my awesome readers, can click this link:


& endorse me on PeoplePerHour, it’ll be much appreciated!😎

Get Endorsed and move up the ranks

Endorsements is an added way to build reputation on PeoplePerHour. Reach out to your network and ask them for an endorsement. It will push you up the ranks and search results. If you get 5+ endorsements you will get this prominent badge on your profile. You can also work on Zero Service Fee with all your endorsers!

Like all freelance platforms, you have to receive reviews &/or be endorsed to move up the freelancing ladder. I’m quite new on PeoplePerHour & I’m getting urged by the above script👍 to seek endorsements from my network at every opportunity.

The ‘WordPress Community’ is a major part of my network.

So, here goes…..

I’ve received one endorsement via the website itself. However, to get that coveted badge next to my name, I have to be endorsed at least five times, so, don’t be shy my delightful readers because I’m certainly not!😜

Click the link, go to my profile & endorse WarriorFreelancer!


Who knows, maybe I can help you out some time in the near future.🍺

If you ever need a fantastic freelancer to help you with your project, then I’m your man!👺

I’m very impressed with the PeoplePerHour website. It’s easy to use & super easy to apply for freelance gigs that are available from clients worldwide.

I’m sure you will be too, if you join me @

I’m offering you a £30 voucher to spend on the website via this link!


PeoplePerHour is free to join for both freelancers & clients. You can switch from buyer to seller any time you want, so you can be both. If you’re a client who needs professional help with a project, then PeoplePerHour is the platform to search for that help. Or, if you’re a freelancer struggling to find work, then PeoplePerHour can help you to seek new clientele. It’s an amazing opportunity for a client to get that much needed professional help with their difficult project & it simply isn’t to be missed for a freelancer who is searching for freelance gigs today.

PeoplePerHour is the number one freelancing community!

6 thoughts on “PeoplePerHour!

    1. Hey thank Isabelle & if you scroll down you should see endorse warrior f on the right of the screen somewhere & I’m sure you don’t actually have to join to endorse. ☺ if not, then its ok, but thank you very much for attempting to Isabelle😎 much appreciated!

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      1. I scrolled down and clicked on the various categories including “My endorsements”, but there was nowhere I could give my endorsement. Let me know if there’s another way to do it. Take care!

        Liked by 1 person

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