Unsteady Eddie in Edinburgh.

Edinburgh City

Was I drunk in Edinburgh?

I was off my face mate!🍺

‘Unsteady Eddie in Edinburgh’ is a rather calm title for this post, but we’ll go with it anyway huh.

Edinburgh is located in Lothian on the Firth of Forth’s Southern shore. It’s the capital of Scotland in Braveheart country.😎

The architecture in Edinburgh is nice to the eye. It has rustic buildings, statues, medieval & classic architecture everywhere.

Along with its great architecture, Edinburgh also has an historic fortress which dominates the skyline of the city.

Edinburgh Castle

Edinburgh Castle was one of the most significant royal centres of Scotland during the reigns of King Malcom III & his sons.

The castle itself is built on a 700 million year old extinct volcano called Castle Rock. People have lived on Castle Rock since the Bronze Age, around 850 BC, & the royal castle was built in the 12th century.

Some say that there was 1110 heads chopped off in the castle, but I don’t know how true that figure is because I’ve just made it up in my head.

It’s a nice castle in a nice city, but back to the bars.🍺

Edinburgh is a great place to go on a pub crawl & after the first pub, crawl is exactly what I did! I’m sure my drink was spiked because I can definitely handle it, I’m a f**king raging alcoholic.😲 However, once again, like my last visit to Edinburgh, I can’t really remember much after the first pub & who knows how the hell I managed to catch the last train home.

I remember getting the train to Edinburgh early in the morning, but by the time the last train arrived, I must have been very drunk indeed because my mind is blank. It’s all good though & I’m sure that I had a great day in a great city.🍺

Before I hit that first pub I was smart enough to take a few snaps for my cool blog & it’s readers.

👋Hey Readers!👋

After now seeing (or rather not seeing) those few snaps, I realise that I was still half cut from the night before, because they’re not up to much. I don’t even know what I was looking at & I obviously forgot to zoom in, but hey, who cares! Edinburgh is awesome & the hospitality of the Jocks is always great. You’ll find Jocks from all walks of life in every pub you visit & they always make you feel welcome, even if you’re off your nut like I was, because they are too!🍺

The Jocks are my sort of people. They’re always game for a giggle & up for anything. I like to think of them as Geordies with their heads kicked in. However, all Jocks will tell you that Geordies are just Jocks with their heads bashed in by the English, which kind of rings true if you think about how the South treats the North concerning development issues & benefits, etc, but all of that is for another post.

Anyway, I’ll be going back to Edinburgh to hit the bars very soon because it’s awesome!

🍺Cheers to the Jocks & to the cool city of Edinburgh.🍺

Thanks again for your hospitality & tasty scotch whiskey. See you soon!

Take care.


Join the Jocks Travellers!😜

9 thoughts on “Unsteady Eddie in Edinburgh.

      1. Isn’t it?!!! I didn’t experience it the same way as You as I was traveling with my then 6 year old son! We went on a backpacking walkabout to England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales at his request. 7 weeks!!!! It was amazing and Scotland was wonderful!!! We came home with soooooo many wonderful stories!!! 🙂 I just love that You travel so much!!! Yay and Cheers!!!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Aye aye, it is! England is great, but I travel England every week with Newcastle United FC😎 so it doesn’t really interest me writing posts about England. However, I’ve just got back from Malta & Sicily, so stay tuned🍺 & its great you travelled with your son. I do too!

        Liked by 1 person

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