Search Engine Optimisation

Your BLOG can grow if you apply savvy SEO.

When you first start blogging it’s cool to be part of an online community of like-minded people, but at the beginning you may find that you struggle to gain followers & find ways to increase your blogs traffic. This is likely down to bad, or a non-existent SEO strategy.

At that point, you & your humble little blog can either curl up in a quiet corner & accept defeat, or you can react in a positive way & come out fighting by applying a savvy SEO strategy that will improve your blogs performance.

‘Search Engine Optimisation’.

Is your blogs best friend!

You would be crazy not to care about applying SEO to your website because if you do apply quality search engine optimisation to your blog, you’re guaranteed to see a high increase in traffic & your blogs domain authority will rise in no time at all.

There are many ways to apply savvy SEO that will help your blog to grow & finally start to get it recognised by search engines.

SEO is often split into three different areas.

One area is ‘On-Page SEO’, which refers to using good keywords & linking to external websites.

Second is ‘On-Site SEO’, which is about the different methods applied across your website, like a good website structure & a cool domain name that is optimised for search engines.

The third area is ‘Off-Site SEO’. This applies to link building from other sites, like paid backlinks & connecting your blog to social media.

Savvy SEO on your blog can bring crazy traffic & with a high increase in traffic you’ll be able to monetise your blog very easily & that should be your aim because you’ve put all the effort in to make your blog thrive in a community that is quite competitive & yet, you still reached success by monetisation.

Blogging is cool!😎

Paid Blogging is awesome!

Getting paid to write articles, advertising brands via your blog is fantastic, but before you’re able to do that, you have to increase your blogs domain authority & the way to do that is by applying good SEO techniques that will enhance your blogs profile & get it ranked on search engines, which will also increase your blogs traffic in the process.

All bloggers should aim for success with their blog because once you do reach that success it’s a great feeling when you finally start to earn an income & you realise that all the hard work that you put into your blog from the very beginning was well worth the effort & those savvy SEO techniques you’ve used have seriously paid off.

When you have a savvy SEO strategy in place, you don’t have to worry too much about traffic because the traffic will keep coming your blogs way, day by day.

SEO refers to strategies that will help your site rank high in search engine results. There are many elements to SEO, but the two that matter most are links & the keywords in your articles.

So, the best way to apply SEO to your blog is by using search engine optimisation techniques like researching strong keywords & by link building.

A savvy SEO strategy that will improve your blogs perfomance will include:


A great SEO technique is to use strong keywords in your articles to help provide more traffic to your blog, which will further increase your ability to monetise & to start earning an income from it. Strong kewords can be as good as backlinks to your blog.

‘Content is King’!

Creating quality content is great for SEO & will significantly increase your blogs traffic & domain authority. Opt for quality content over quantity every time.

‘Collaborative posts’!

Finding collaborative post opportunities is good for SEO. You can find other bloggers & brands offering collaborative posts in Facebook groups & on other social media platforms like Linkedin.

‘Guest Posts’!

Guest posting on quality blogs with a high domain authority is an awesome way to get great links to your own blog & super cool for SEO. You can find other bloggers who offer free guest posts, or you can pay a small fee to feature on their blog.


If you comment on blogs that have a high domaim authority, then you’re creating a backlink to your blog. The higher the domain, the better the link.

‘Photo Uploads’!

Tagging all of your uploaded photographs is great for search engine optimisation because you’re providing extra information to the search engine bots that crawl your website, so with every blog post photo you should apply SEO.

‘Social Media’!

Linking your social media accounts to your blog is a simple SEO trick that will significantly increase your blogs traffic & get your blog recognised by search engines.

Every blogger wants their blog to be highly ranked on Google & other search engines.

SEO is the ticket to that search engine success.

Another savvy trick of the SEO trade is to promote brands on your blog by writing articles advertising their products &/or services, because in doing so, you create backlinks to & from the brands website, which may have a high domain authority too.

Get Blogged can help you to work with brands & earn an income from your blog. I personally think that Get Blogged is one of the very best platforms to earn an income from. All bloggers should aim high & monetise by building a blogging relationship with brands.

Get Blogged is a Blogger Outreach platform that is the easiest solution for bloggers wanting to monetise their blogs & for brands, businesses & agencies needing help with, or wanting to source their outreach in a cost effective way.

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  1. Absolutely amazing post! Thank you for sharing all of these quality tips! I’ve made so many notes ☺️ As a new blogger there’s no way of knowing these things without bumping into great info. I’m a new blogger and I never realised it was quite so complexed! So much fun though! 💛💛💛 THANK YOU AGAIN! Fab!!

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  3. Bravo, Bravo, Bravo…… thanks for helping someone like me, i really love this information shared by you though this my first time of coming to your blog and i promised to stay around…..

    Thanks once again

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  4. Very well written post, the best of all is the title which in itself summarizes the content itself. Being an seo service providers, I agree how technically you have explained the aspects of seo in this post. Digital marketing and Seo both are parallel to each other for any site or blog that is looking to optimize its presence. Keep sharing such articles. Thanks.

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  5. Hi,
    I totally agree to the point that content is really the king. If you have content that is both searchable and shareable, I don’t think you have worry about the googles updates and trends in technology as your post are solving the issues of the reader or proving values to them. The best to achieve this is, like you said, implement fundamental seo techniques and share your content with on the social mediums, keeping readers engaged. As a content solution providers i really thank you for providing such helpful article.

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  6. I read carefully but I have some obstacles in SEO of my site, I have given some details ……
    Website analysis- SEO score of my site is 58%, got this results from small SEO tools, there are some more errors am trying to fight with
    clients requirement- wants to ranking high as a Best IT Company in Durgapur.
    Keyword research- That’s done and I know have to use those keywords in different Content and blogs.
    Content writing- There is no Content to share for my site and that’s a week point of my site I know.

    Till now I have done only free Search engine Submission, Doing Free Directory Submission, and Blog Commenting.
    What else I can do now to rank the site? Please help me

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