Speak Spanish!

Happening WiseGuys of WordPress.😀

Well, my Spanish is coming along quite nicely thank you very much! I’m learning more about the Spanish language each day & I’m now proud to say, that I’m at full conversational flow.

That is until a Spaniard opens a conversation in their native tongue at rapid speed, faster than lightning, then I get truly lost off & I maybe catch a word or two & try to put it all together in my head. Sadly, by the time I’m ready to talk back, the Spaniard is in a sulk & has already walked away thinking that I’m an ignorant twat, but hey! I’m honestly getting there.

Fluency is my goal because I love the Spanish language & it’s always good to learn something new. Knowledge is power & all.

Spanish is awesome & it’s a language that is spoken worldwide. Knowing how to say at least a few words in another language is very useful & will help a traveller to overcome some tricky situations on their travels.

Why learn Spanish?

Spanish is one of the great European languages, rich in heritage from more than nine centuries of existence. The Spanish language comes from the region of Spain we call Castile. A language of great literature. The first novel in the modern sense was written in Spanish by Miguel de Cervantes.

Don Quixote, the ‘enthusiastic visionary’ had adventures that have even become part of the English language. The word ‘quixotic’ describes someone with an odd, eccentric or utterly regardless of interests attitude. Hmmm, sounds like someone I know!😀

Spanish is also the language of great poets. Many Nobel Prize winners in both the sciences & in literature are Spanish speaking.

Christopher Columbus & other Spanish explorers came to the ‘New World’ & Spanish became the language of all peoples from Florida to Tierra del Fuego.

When you travel to places like Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Peru, Colombia, Mexico, Cuba & many more! (All places I haven’t been to yet, but hey, they’re on my list.😝) All the people in these countries speak

Is a beautiful language that we should embrace. Learning it can help you to understand the people & their culture. Language exposes you to every aspect of the human condition & allows you to study the past, understand the present & ponder the future.

Being able to communicate in another language is amazing & Spanish is a language that most countries worldwide can understand.

Lets all ‘Speak Spanish!’😎

The best way to learn a language is to fully immerse yourself in it by listening to the way Spanish sounds & concentrating on the pronunciation & by looking at how it’s written you can learn a hell of a lot!

It’s like magic I tell you, magic!

Seeing & listening to how Spanish is used in conversation will go a long way in helping you to talk the talk when you’re walking the walk in a Spanish speaking country.

I’ve set a target to be fluent by 2019 & I’m very confident that I will hit that target because I am, (like the Spanish language)


Take care folks.


Speak Spanish Travellers!😝

34 thoughts on “Speak Spanish!

  1. Hola Warrior! Que tal? Lo siento, no hablo espanol, solo ingles. And with a few smattering of other things, that’s all I can really say 😂 buenos dias!

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    1. Hey there, I self taught & I’ve used Duolingo myself too, along with many other apps. I’m sure there is free online courses & pc downloads to help with learning. Books are great as well. I seem to learn best that way now that I’ve heard conversations & sussed the pronunciation😀 German is cool too & I hope all goes well with any future learning. Spanish is awesome!

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  2. Congratulations. You must have a dream and a reason in order to learn. Learning Spanish is actually fun. I teach online classes and I find resources that can be confusing and also with lots of errors. If you would like to try my classes let me know and I’ll be glad to set up a FREE lesson.

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    1. Hey thanks!😎 I might take you up on that offer & you’re right. It is confusing at the best of times as there are so many ways to say things & most, if not every time. Spanish conversation is back to front in English pronunciation, if you know what I’m saying😀 thanks for the offer & I will check you out &/or you could give me info here about your course & I may apply in the near future.😎


  3. Another vote for duo lingo. I practice daily. Still not fluent after 20 years! Speaking, reading and writing are good. listening is the hardest for me. It’s the speed, the dialects and the slang.
    I found a website called ‘the news in slow spanish’. They speak slower and with good diction


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    1. Hey Kenneth😎 you’re right bud! Duolingo is cool too & it is difficult to learn fluent Spanish & Spaniards speak at a crazy fast pace. Shortening their conversation makes it hard to fully comprehend what is being said too. Thanks for your 😎 comment & I hope all goes well with the Spanish for you.


  4. Hey Warrior!

    I’m jealous! Gretel speaks it fluently and then there is my Spanish that I learned working in a restaurant…i’ll keep working on it. Keep up the adventuring!!

    Your friends at GKexplorers,

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