Studio Arntzen! Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

Studio Arntzen.

When I was in The Netherlands, in particular, Rotterdam. I was fascinated by the dynamic & contemporary artistic design, set all around the city. Rotterdam is a great place to visit & I was delighted by everything that the city had to offer. It is renowned worldwide for its art & top designers.

These unique, artistic characteristics attract tourists from around the world & with so many cool hotspots to visit, it makes the City of Rotterdam truly diverse.

Studio Arntzen is based in Rotterdam & specialises in concept development, lighting & spacial design. Completing dynamic projects from concept to final production for individuals, businesses, design labels & for events interested in engaging with unique environments.

Studio Arntzen is run by Dutch designer Paula Arntzen. Who first studied traditional furniture making at the HMC in the Netherlands, developing technical knowledge & craft skills as a furniture maker, then advanced to ‘Product Design’ at the ArtEZ Academy of Arts in the Netherlands, cementing a passion for design & a fantastic career as a Product Designer.

Focusing on the realisation of monumental light installations in public spaces & products, working with a wide range of clients in the Netherlands & internationally.

Paula Arntzen then decided to complete a Master of Arts in ‘Design Products’ at The Royal College of Art in London, UK.

Studio Arntzen is internationally recognised & presented.

With an interest in furniture design & a strong fascination for lighting design. Innovatively, Arntzen mixes craft skills with design & a delicate use of technology as communicative components of wonder. Key to Studio Arntzen design philosophy is the critical view to push all boundaries of design & stylistic research.

Paula Arntzen experiments with materials & techniques, then creates experiences with their own distinctive theatrical identity.

The collection of different designs at Studio Arntzen are so impressive that I’ve decided to buy some products myself.

As you all know, I’m in the process of building my own brand & my freelancing business is moving forward quite nicely. I’m excited about the future & I’ve decided to invest in an office. This office will be fundamental to my freelancing & I want the clientele who visit to be impressed with what they see, so for this project, I would like your help in choosing the right lighting from some of Studio Arntzen collections of different designs.

I have several collection options that you can help me with:


‘The Trias’ works within a process to create three-dimensional volumes of two-dimensional sheet materials in such a beautiful & poetic process.


The fact that paper & butterflies both have temporary characteristics was a reason to make the collection ‘Butterfly’.


‘The Crown’ is an airy chandelier designed from two pieces of copper foil material.


‘Droplet’ consists of three layers of PP foil & is handmade. The outside layer is a translucent gold layer, the other two layers are white PP foil with black screen printed stripes.


‘Nouveaux Royal’ was produced by the American company, Artecnica & is characterised by a renewed way of elegancy & monumental forms. I’m definitely edging towards this fabulous light for my freelancing office, but all of the above lighting would be a great addition. Therefore, I’m stuck on making a final decision.



‘Blue Hour’ is one of my favourites & a definite addition to my new office. A light that digitally transforms in three different dynamic atmospheres through the use of LED’s & special effects.

I also like this wall lighting design which creates a nice room atmosphere.



‘Merge’ has inspiring details such as this application of light merged with wallpaper. I like how this light blends with the surface of the wall, highly loaded with its aesthetic environment.

Studio Arntzen also has a selection of other products designed by Paula Arntzen, including, a collection of vases.


The collection of vases are the result of an exploration into ceramics & the contrast between biscuit & glazed ceramics.


Studio Arntzen

To see the different product collections by the top designer Paula Arntzen.

The design light shop has a wide collection of lighting & the quality of each design is fantastic.

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