Aim To Entertain!

Hey folks, check out my new site @

CreationCrazy is bringing you Crazy Creativity. It’s part of the WarriorTraveller ‘Online Brand’.😝

Its all good in this hood!

Obviously I’m still on here, but I started blogging with the intention of building a brand & CreationCrazy is going to be a big part of it. I’ll be creating crazy creative posts & moving ‘The Sunday Journal’ & more of my ‘Insane Hermit’😲 posts to CreationCrazy. It’s also based around my freelancing goals, so there will be creative, sponsored posts/guest posts/reviews/promotions/articles & the likes @ CreationCrazy. Thats if it all goes well I suppose, but even so, I’ll still be creating posts with some added humour to make you πŸ˜€ because we should all smile more & worry less! It shall be entertaining to say the least.

Don’t stress & pull your hair out or nowt because this blog will soon kick-off as I’m planning a trip to the fantastic Sicily where I’ll be backpacking my way around the Island for at least five weeks with some wild camping in mind. ‘Ooo mama mia Sicilia’. That’ll be fun! I’m still packing up my sh*t & hitting the road on a journey of no return in 2020. Although, I am hoping to fast forward that date & maybe make it sometime next year. Saving them funds can be hardwork when you live a crazy life like mine.

La Vida Loca!😝

But hey, I’m getting there & that Digital Nomad dream is still alive & kicking.


Hold tight folks because that 😎 travel plan is happening man!

In the meantime, visit:

Follow CreationCrazy & I’m more than sure it will be reciprocated.

Take care WiseGuys of WordPress.πŸ˜€


Build a Brand Travellers!😝

8 thoughts on “CrazyCreativity@CreationCrazy!😝

  1. Thanks snaptravelandpopπŸ˜€ much appreciated! Aim high bud😎 Sicily is definitely on so that shall be fun. I can reply in Spanish, Mucho Gracias Mi Amigo. Almost the same as Italian huh.😝


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