Traveller 1, 2, 3 & 4.

Four travellers make their way to the door because they’re ready to explore. A trip of a lifetime for one is in store, but first they have to get through that door because the main aim of the game is to get through that door so they can explore.

Traveller John is made traveller 1, traveller Andrew is made traveller 2, traveller Lee is made traveller 3, traveller Gilmore is made traveller 4, all but one are yet to travel through the door.

Traveller 1 is followed by traveller 2. Traveller 3 appears soon after then traveller 4. They’re numbered in order but still most haven’t walked through that main aim of the game door.

Traveller 3 doesn’t like this, but not as much as traveller 4, he wants to be traveller 1, so he kicks off & throws them all out the door.

Traveller 4 is now traveller 1, then traveller 3 comes back in via the window & is proclaimed traveller 2.  Andrew the original traveller 2, comes back in through the catflap of the door followed later by traveller 1, so traveller 2 is now traveller 3 & traveller 1 is now traveller 4, who just walked through that door.

The four travellers named ‘Traveller 1, 2, 3 & 4, are bored of this & think someone is taking the p*ss because they themselves have forgot who walked through that door, but traveller 1, who is now traveller 4, traveller 2, who is now traveller 3, traveller 3, who is now traveller 2, traveller 4, who is now traveller 1, are all informed that someone is ready to explore. Boredom soon turns to excitement when they discover that one of them got through that door & soon they’ll know who gets to explore.

So, traveller 4 is now traveller 1, traveller 3 is traveller 2, traveller 2 is traveller 3 & traveller 1 is traveller 4 but they still dont know who it was that walked through that door.

Do you know who was the first traveller to walk through that door.

But do beware of those who dare because traveller 1, 2, 3 & 4 still have no clue, so its up to you to tell them who got through that door so they can explore.

Was it traveller 1, traveller 2, traveller 3 or traveller 4?

The Games They Play Travellers😝

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