The Sunday Journal.

Have you ever felt like you just want to yelp,,

What a mad week I’ve had. Its been non stop, I got back from the Netherlands & its all kicking off. I’ve had the mental health team here twice already this week. That’s twice in one week. Its all one big test, there’s something going on & its got me in a mess. I know what it is. Its not really them, it looks like them but they’ve been taken over by mutants. These parasite mutants are inside their skin, I (KNOW IT.) When they blink they’ve got 4 eyelids, I (SEE IT) & when they talk I’ve noticed a 2nd hidden voice coming from within, I (HEAR IT.) They’re coming back again tomorrow, why would they want to see me this many times in close proximity? Its some sort of mad test, I (SEE IT ALL) me!

I am suffering from tunnel vision though & I told them so. Mental these mental health, they came back at that with, “tunnel vision is closely linked with anxiety & anger issues.” Cheeky Crackajacks! I kicked off & threw them straight out the door, I can’t take their sh*t anymore. What are they going on about anyway? I’m the most chilled out person I know. Why can’t they see?

I’m not daft & I’m not that high but I see these things as clear as I see them ufo’s in the sky. Don’t even get me talking about my ‘foreign friends,’ I’ve had it up to here with them. Did you see them in Utrecht, or did you forget? It might have something to do with them come to think of it, but I doubt it because these funny f**kers are mutants not aliens & trust me, I know the difference.

Sshhh. That’s my phone ringing there, I’m not answering it, I wouldn’t dare. I know whats happening, when I put the phone to my ear its sending mad micro chips down my canal that latch on to the part of the brain that processes thoughts. Its like George Orwell’s thought police in 1894. I mean 1984, see what I mean, that’s them mad micro chips affecting my mental ability that is. I can’t take this no more.

I’m dreading Monday morning with the mental health mutants. I might just f**k it all off & see how I cope on my own. What do you reckon? I only made the mistake of talking about my plans to travel the world didn’t I. Do you want to know their reply?

Thoughts of granduer!

F**king thoughts of granduer. You watch, I bet I get a letter by the end of the month with a schizophrenia diagnosis. Honest. I’m so sick of this.

Then I talked about my writing because it does seem to help with mental health. I told them it eases my mind, they said, yes I should keep it up as it’ll help keep my manic episodes in check & that I write in a conversational style that’s easy to read.

Easy to read they say!

Well its murder to write because I’m on to my second book & I’m still on the first f**king conversation. Silly twat how manic is that!

They said they’re worried about me because I’ve had no sleep & that’s why my mind is getting weak. What are they talking about now? Do they think I’m a freak, I slept for 2 solid days last week. How could I go to sleep here anyway with this fly doing my head in. That’s not a fly its a spy, its just flew over there by the windowsill. I know what they’ve done, its really a device to monitor my movements. Its a f**king motion detector that’s what it is. The little sh*ts impossible to kill.

Arh here, I’ve had enough of this, you’re all just taking the p*ss. You’re going far too far because I’m not mental.

You are!


Take care wiseguys of wordpress.😎


Stay Focused Travellers!😝

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