You & I in Utrecht.

🌐Live from the canal bar.🌐

I’d heard from a few 😎 wiseguys on wordpress that Utrecht is a great place to visit, rich in history. Well hell, I’m not dissapointed because it’s awesome! Buckle up & enjoy the ride, as ‘You & I in Utrecht’ take a turbo tour of this fascinating city.

Welcome to Utrecht folks. 1st off take a look at this,

I seen this little gem down one of the canals here in Utrecht & thought what a nice place to have a chilled out bar, so here I am sitting outside in the freezing cold with a chilled pint of Vedett extra blond.πŸ˜€ It’s nice & chilled down here as well. That’s because it’s only me here! I was expecting some people inside but no, just me. I further expect that the summer time is when a bar like this does most of it’s business. I’m thinking have this then go on another wander & see what catches my eye??

I love a bit of solo travel & I enjoy my own company but this is going solo at it’s loneliest. The pint is quite tasty though. One more won’t hurt will it. I’ll be back for a chat & continue our tour soon.

Take care…….

🌐Live from the streets.🌐

Guess whats just caught my eye?What did I tell you!!!!

For those that don’t believe me in my The Sunday Journal…. I told you that my ‘foreign friends’ follow me everywhere. Even here in Utrecht they won’t leave me alone. Take a look at this,

Dare try to tell me you don’t see that!

Well I hate to say it, but told you so! THAT’s one of their UFO’s THAT’s just landed on THAT building. They’ve followed me all the way to The Netherlands. Quick, quick…. Come through this,

A fantastic high archway leading to the Church, De Pandhof Van de Dom,

Lucky escape that was huh!😝

I’ve brought you all here to continue our turbo tour.

The Dom church is a big part of everyday life in Utrecht & Saint Martin is loved by all the religious folk in the city. Saint Martin is the patron saint of Utrecht, who cast out the devil & also raised a child back from the dead, as legend has it. It’s a very fascinating historical story with lots more info available for you who want to delve a little deeper.

Through here is another hidden little gem. Let’s go take a look.

A delightful courtyard,

The Pandhof Garden.

This 😎 place, The Pandhof has a well in the centre with a statue of Jan Van de Doerm. Architiect of the Dom Church. The history goes a bit like this, built in the 15th century to connect the church with the surrounding buildings for clergymen who walked & meditated here back in the day. Up to the 18th century the Pandhof was also a cemetery for students of the Dom school. The gravestones can still be seen in the back walls. Towards the end of the 16th century, the Pandhof lost it’s religious function, becoming a place where local citizens kept chickens, stored old wagons & drank beer. Later it was used by the Utrecht University as a promenade, then for civil parades & markets.

Ok folks, lets get out of here & visit the windmill.

This is the 1st old mill I’ve seen in The Netherlands. Obviously there’s many in the countryside but we’re on a city break so……. Nice to see it though huh?πŸ˜€

Ok follow me, as we continue on our turbo tour through the streets of this great city that is Utrecht.

The architecture here in Utrecht is outstanding with many great sights for us to enjoy. We have many canals here in Utrecht offering some 😎 scenic boat routes to see Utrecht from a great angle but we’ll pass on that today because I’m now soaking wet & fancy a quick pint. Maybe next time though, so lets all hit the bar & ‘You & I in Utrecht,’ will continue on a wild pub crawl tour!πŸ˜€

See you soon wiseguys of wordpress.


Be Lucky Travellers!😝

36 thoughts on “You & I in Utrecht.

      1. Haha, man, you KNOW I want to. I should be back again sometime this year, although I doubt I’ll get much past Amsterdam. I keep thinking of resurrecting an old travel log from one of my old Dam trips and turning the blog into Stoning Through Pre-World War 3 Europe for a week or two…. : P


      2. Arh right haa. Just clicked your crac. I’m back in England now but posts were written live in Holland. Have you ever heard of writing them live then tweeking them by adding all info back home? Last thing I want to do is research all info when I’m live bud! Do I seem like a man that would take church garden info all in & write it up live to you?πŸ˜€


      3. & if you check my Amsterdam post you’ll see that I’ve added info on that post today. So does that mean I didn’t get past Rotterdam to you bro? Tut tut. You shouldn’t be so quick to judge!πŸ˜€


      4. It seems like we might of had some sort of miscommunication as I thought you were implying that I didn’t get past the dam. If you read your comment again you should see how I came to that conclusion but if I”m mistaken then aye, I”m just winding you up:)


  1. Nice bro! Brings back great memories. I recognize all the locations. The weather looks sh**y lol. My wife told me this morning, that Holland is suffering from the β€œgreyest” winter in over 20 years. But who cares about that! Seems like you are having a great time! Enjoy, man!! 😁😁😎

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