Rolling in Rotterdam.

🌐Live from the pub.🌐

Picture me ‘Rolling in Rotterdam.’ It’s wet & windy outside so I came in here to chat sh*t for a bit. I’ve enjoyed my time in Rotterdam Centraal so far. It’s a 😎 city with friendly people. Everyone has a smile on their face as they go about their daily business. Whatever that may be, but the folk seem to have a driven purpose. Not rushed but determined to succeed & reach their chosen destination to do whatever it is they have to do. 

Maybe I’m watching them too intently but everyone seems strong willed, motivated & rather pleased with themselves, or maybe I overpacked that splif this morning & I’m now in that transfixed, analystic stage of this beautiful buzz that is Marijuana. Who knows? Maybe it’s them that’s off their heads & I’m witness to a mass marijuana mutiny that’s took over this vibrant city, or maybe I’m chatting sh*t like I said I would. Whatever it is, I might decide to stay here & take up residence because Rotterdam has got me rolling in the realism of a city thats’s ready to kick it with the big boy cities all over the world. The place is thriving high & I’m loving it!

I’ve been all over Rotterdam Centraal & enjoyed every moment. The 1st place I accidentally bumped into was the Maritiem Museum.

With lots of shipbuilding constructions you can basically walk around the museum shipyard, walking on & off different boats & ships & chill for as long as you want. It was freezing cold though so I didn’t stay here for too long. I moved on to the World Trade Centre for a quick visit to check on my current investments. Sadly I lost all my money on Bitcoin;) but not to worry. Maybe I’ll try Amazon next time.

Then I was back on my toes to visit Rotterdam’s 😎 Centraal Station.

The hypermodern Centraal Station is one of the city’s most celebrated buildings. A space where people love to spend time, which is down to it’s relaxed, welcoming vibe. Perhaps it’s the glass or the play with natural light? Or maybe it’s the shops & coffee bars? Or the fact that you’ve got some random musician playing a grand piano in the middle of the station. It’s more likely a combination of all it’s features that’s made Rotterdam Centraal Station such a popular gathering place since opening in 2014. The project was controversial as Rotterdammers were attached to the old station & it’s history. It was one of the 1st buildings to become a symbol of the post-World War 2 rebuild of the city. Oh yes! I’ve did my due diligenge here huh. It’s a 😎 place as it had to measure up against stations like London, Paris & Madrid.

I booked my return tickets to Amsterdam & Utrecht for separate days & went back to exploring Rotterdam with a big smile on my face like everyone else.

Travelling Rotterdam is very easy via bike rentals but the trams are great if it’s raining wet fish like it is right now, they’ll take you everywhere for little cost & there’s a metro station on every corner, which I find quite odd.

How many places are there?

It’s by far, one of the easiest city’s to find your way around in my opinion. I’m based in the heart of the city. All sights aren’t too far, so it’s all good in this hood, but getting lost in Rotterdam is harder than finding your way, it’s that easy to navigate.

My next flying visit was to one of the many Park Museums on offer dotted around Rotterdam.

A little canal way with statues. All meaning something but I didn’t have a clue as all info was in Dutch & I can’t speak a word of it, so I quickly moved on to the quirky cubic houses.

Funny old sight them cubic homes. A bit too compact living for me, so I made my way to the Koopgoot.

The name roughly translates as ‘Shopping Gutter.’ Not bad for someone who can’t speak Dutch huh? Anyway, it’s the main shopping centre in the heart of Rotterdam & has been for the last 20 years. It’s supposedly an architectural masterpiece that’s won many awards. Sounds 😎 to me!

Along with the more serious artworks on the city’s international sculpture walk, Rotterdam has a legion of oddball street structures like these waiting to be discovered.

The transformer sculpture is called the guard & the other is the marten toonder. They’re all over the place & give that quirky artistic vibe around the whole city.

I’ve had a fantastic time here in Rotterdam, but there’s a lot more to the Netherlands & I’m up for a bit of explore & conquer crac, so listen up.

Rotterdam is up there with the best of cities & is continuing to aim higher & higher. You just have to give it a visit, but be careful because like me, you might not want to leave!

Join me next time, live from Amsterdam.

Take care wiseguys of wordpress.πŸ˜€


Role with it Travellers!😝

29 thoughts on “Rolling in Rotterdam.

      1. I love Rotterdam too. The City has a great movie theater with huge screens. Saw one of the Mission Impossible films there. I was definitely a little buzzed during that movie lol. I’ve partied hard in Rotterdam, Amsterdam and Utrecht. Love Holland!

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  1. Rotterdam looks nice. I’m not feeling the cubic apartments either. They look claustrophobic and I don’t even suffer from that. Central Station looks very nice. Glad that you’re enjoying your time there.

    Liked by 1 person

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