Starry Night.

💫It was on a starry night,💫

💫When they shined so bright,💫 

💫I lay here singing,💫 

💫Singing this crazy song,💫 

💫For so long & for no reason,💫 

💫Other than its pleasing,💫

💫But I’m now seizing,💫

💫Because it’s f**king freezing,💫

💫Wtf am I doing,💫 

💫Laying here singing,💫

💫Singing this crazy song,💫

💫Like a mong,💫

💫It must be that blue cheese,💫

💫It’s got me on my knees,💫

💫Staring at the sky,💫

💫Thinking I can fly,💫

💫Because I’m so high,💫

💫On a starry night,💫

💫I’m getting all starry eyed,💫

💫When they shine so bright,💫

💫& I lay here still singing,💫

💫Singing this crazy song,💫

💫For so long & for no reason,💫

💫It must be that time of year,💫

💫When the stars shine bright,💫

💫& I’m feeling like I’m so high,💫

💫So high on life,💫

💫On a starry night.💫

Aim High Travellers!😝

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