Life in the Wild.

It’s always fascinated me how some people choose to live off grid & how they become completely self-sufficient by growing & catching their own food. I say catching instead of hunting as I don’t mind a spot of fishing but I’m not the sort of person that would hunt & kill my own game for dinner & feel good about it. Although I would be a master hunter if need be. However, I’d rather keep it as a family pet & eat meat off the supermarket shelf instead. Maybe using my catch as livestock to provide a daily dose of milk & other commodities. Yeah thats more like it.

I’ll just do the boat-run instead.


I’m a fan of Ben Fogle’s, New Lives in the Wild & after killing the boxset I’ve came to a life changing decision.

I’ve decided that after my travels, instead of settling with sangria in the sun for the rest of my days. I’m going to buy or lease my own island, depends on the price that is. 

& where there’s a will, there’s a way. I’m sure I’d succeed in this crazy but 😎 adventure.

On this island I shall build my own beach bar, a bit like this.

Serving some home-brew cocktails like this,

Then I’d build some living quarters, like this.

Yes thats right, the beach bar comes 1st!

Then I’d create 😎 travel links throughout the island like this,

I’ll have an everlasting lifeline, in the form of a fresh water spring. I’ll have it all sussed my fellow travellers, so there’ll be nothing to worry about. I think I’ll name this new island, ‘WarriorWild.’ Are you up for a bit of that crazy & wild-life? Are you game enough?

Who’s with me….!

We’ll build our very own round-house, starting our own government, debating on wild-life politics all year round. We’ll have our own grow gardens for fresh fruit & veg. We’ll have our own chickens for some scrambled egg. Create our own electricity, via solar panels of course. Then we’ll continue to develop our land & community for future generations to live on in a ‘life in the wild.’ It’ll be absolutely fabulous.

If you’re happy or unhappy, you’re welcome. If everyone loves you or no one loves you, you’re welcome. If you’re just sick of the insanity of sane life, you’re welcome. To all & everyone but only a few.

Are you prepared for a ‘Life in the Wild.’

I’m currently taking names of any interested parties. So you can put yours forward by contacting your local embassy & asking them for a ‘WildWarriorTraveller’ application form.

All those that don’t receive a reply, it’s ok, you’ll have another chance to join my new island community once I’m there, by doing the following:-

Revert back to this post & apply to join me, in the comments section below. πŸ˜€

Don’t worry, I’ll ask NASA to re-direct one of their satellites over the island so I can use the wifi.

The Wilder the better, Travellers!😝

28 thoughts on “Life in the Wild.

  1. I love ‘New Lives In The Wild’ too. Such inspiring people and inspiring stories. I do not think it is something I could do myself, but I am full of admiration and a little bit of envy for those who do. Good luck with your plans for your own wild life πŸ™‚

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