Its hidden but right there in front of your eyes Yeah I know its mental isn’t it Time’s going quite fast I guess that means we’re having fun Its been manic I’ve been flitting about like a maniac all week I blame Jack me he says its Daniels fault I was at John’s house the other day It’s great We played chess & chatted sh*t Andrew Bartholomew James Judas Jude Mathew Micheal Simon Thomas Philip & Peter They were all there So you can imagine the topic of conversation Judas was up to his old tricks I wasn ‘t bothered though & I told him so Devious deceitful gospel apostle twat I warned him that I will strike down upon thee with great vengeance & furious nger on those who attempt to poison & destroy me & you’ll know I’m the boy when I lay my vengeance upon thee Then I said Even when I walk through the valley of the shadow of death I shall fear no evil Because I’m the baddest motherf*#!*! in the valley Yeah yeah you guessed it He bottled it You see what it is is most people don’t get their prayers answered but I talk to god & get mine answered everyday The mental health team say its all in my head & just an illness but I know its not How the hell would they know Its me he talks too not them I was at the pitcher & piano A hip restaurant/pub by the river a few doors down on Tuesday You should of seen me go playing Verdi’s operatic masterpiece Don Carlos on the piano Sh*t hot I was Everyone was impressed Surrealism or realism you choose Pragmatism My next door eighbour’s taking the piss I’m f**king sick of this My foreign friends are all green with envy Freaks don’t want me as an enemy Nothing to lose Everything to gain No more pain The mental health team are great They make me feel so at ease My CPN is the best I told him about a dream I had last night How my children will one day live in a nation where they’ll not be judged by the colour of their sk n but by the content of their character & how our lives begin to end when we become silent about things that matter & even though we face the diffi ulties of today & tomorrow I still had that dream He told me not to worry about it After all Its only a dream Then he asked me On a scale of 1-10 how high do you think your problems are I replied WideBoy wide 

Who said that

Why so serious Div didn’t even realise I was reciting Martin Luther King’s ‘I have a dream’ speech Honest buckled I cracked up when he finally left After some research into blogging this week & seeing lots of posts with payp l donations on wordpress Well there’s an estimated 200 million+bloggers blogging almost every day If I set a donation page & receive £1 from 10% of them the n I’ll have £20 million for my travels So thats a future possibility I’m not asking for much I’m not that silly 10% is a good percentage in a business transaction I watch Dragons Den as well Its worth a shot I m ght have a pop I explained all this to my CPN & he gave me my very 1st £1 donation That was it I was off to a flyer I’ve never felt higher I hit the charity shop skip & had a bootsale I made 99p A grand total of £1.99 in a day Yeah man a proper dragons den high  flying cider rider I’ve got serious heart burn at the moment some milk would do the trick Just saying Nar m n only playing I don’t need no hand-out I make my own money & I’m a multi millionaire in my head anyway I travel all over the world nearly everyday Only the brave A lion amongst men A proper pussy when it kicks off Its starting to do my head in all these donation posts Give over will you A page yes Posts no Honestly though its been a manic week I shouldn’t rush man me & the peaky blinders are cush man I remember 2pac singing 2 shots in the dark now you is dead Some muff that a roughed up way back Coming ba c k after all these years Rat a tat tat thats the way it is some things will never change I remember when Machiavelli in The Prince said The lion cannot protect himself from traps & the fox cannot defend himself from wolves One must therefore be a fox to recognise traps & a lion to frighten the wolves I remember Muhammad Ali saying I’m so fast that last night I turned off the light switch in my hotel room & was in bed before the room was dark I remember when Winston Churchill said If you’re going through hell then keep on going Oh no there’s that Another massive panic attack woosaaah woosaaah Wow its manic I’ve been flitting about like a maniac all week I forgot milk from the shop










Calm down Travellers!😝

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