You are Insane!

Einstein’s definition of insanity is doing the same thing over & over again & expecting different results.

Or repeating the same behaviours & expecting a different outcome.

Same thing!

How is insanity not sane?

How are the sane not insane?

How are they not the same thing?

Bloggers do the same thing every day & expect a different result with every post.

The purest form of insanity is to leave everything the same & at the same time, hope that things will change.

Your off your f**king nut Bloggers.

& Travellers!😝

13 thoughts on “You are Insane!

  1. Agree with what John said Warrior! Quite a thought-provoking post! Sometimes the borderline between sanity and inanity is blurred. People outside see the sanity and only we can see how insane we actually are. Have a great day! 😊

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