For gods sake just write something!

Just write for the sake of writing. Just create for the sake of creating. Put pen to paper, do it now, not later. Post, post after post like most. Sit, think, write don’t sink. You & your pen can do it. Try harder, write something exquisite. Be wise, be bold, be strong but be delicate. Write about travel, adventure, lifestyle. Dream big, do it, walk that hard mile, do it goodstyle. Fight, write, prosper. Make sure to deliver. Don’t break & get all sentimental. To write is a basic blogging fundamental. For gods sake create a post & press publish. 

For gods sake just write something!

Just write & create. Do it now, not later.

You’re wasting time you TIMEWASTER!

Together we create, travellers! 😝

11 thoughts on “TimeWaster!

  1. The intro to this felt like a surrealist (and positive) twist on something you might find from Irvine Welsh… you know the famous ‘Choose…’ speech from Trainspotting. Anyway, your use of rhyme is unique as feck, dude. Very pleasing and amusing. Somehow subverts the cheesiness that rhyme often brings with it.

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    1. Cool thanks bud. & that trainspotting speech is a classic. Have you read Irvine’s book the acid house? Hilarious bud & crazy creativity that guy. Cheers for your comment. I do look at it & think wow cheese 😀 but I think your right. Sometimes, well most times it can come across as awkward at the least.


      1. Dude, stuff like that is your thing. I don’t know how it works for you exactly, maybe a lit student can get in here and explain the mechanics to me, but it doesn’t feel cheese at all. It feels very loose and immediate and that’s part of the appeal.

        I’ve actually never read a full Irvine book, though he’s 100% on my list and Acid House just went to the top of the list. Will pick it up next time I see it.

        Really resonate with your point in this piece, dude.

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      2. Thanks bud. Appreciate it! & you know what its like, so I wouldn’t risk offending you by describing the details. But most times it just clicks. The title pic made this post really then the title itself. Woah… There I go. Stop! Its very loose how it happens bud. Well recognised! 😀

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