The Sunday Journal.

Another fascinating week has passed. Strange how fast time fly’s by isn’t it. I was attacked by an angry ape the other day at the zoo. Kicked sh*t out of me, it really did! I’ll just leave that one there, before I say too much, apart from this that is, wow. Hell hath no fury, like a……! Maybe it attacked because I came across as condescending when I was stroking it. With me being much smarter & all. Thats my best guess. But hey, whatever clever. Give yourself a clap,

& Here’s one from me,

The zoo thought I attacked it, so I told them straight in no uncertain terms. Well what do you expect. Trump goes on about ‘fake news’ all the time! Well you think you’d want the world to know. So I hit that one right out of the baseball park. I’m not having the zoo play me for a div. No way!
My CPN & the rest of the mental health team are still saying I’m doing very well & how impressed they are. They were here Thursday, singing their songs of praise. Oh my days, them & their funny ways. They have no clue. But please, keep that just between me & you.

Mind you, I’m partly to blame.

I didn’t tell them that how on Monday when I went to Sainburys, I was attacked by a pack of wolves while doing my shopping. All I could see was grey hair. Grey hair everywhere!

On Tuesday morning I went back & the security guard stopped me at the door saying that I’m barred. What for I asked… He said, “for attacking a bunch of old ladies shopping bags at the check-out yesterday.” He then said, “don’t worry son its not that bad, you didn’t touch them but started kicking sh*t out of their shopping bags at the check-out. Screaming, WOOF, WOOF.” All I could do was walk away & hang my head in shame!

Or how on Wednesday I woke up with some random in my bed. I had a massive panic attack. You should of seen the state of it. Knarling teeth, green skin, skitzy wacked out hair, crazy cuts all over its face. I freaked out didn’t I. You should of seen how fast I ran out my own front door. I didn’t go back until it hit me & I realised I was at a fancy dress house party the night before. Silly me! What can you do?

Or when everytime I read my book the pictures keep jumping out trying to attack me. Its quite scarey at times, I do love to read a good book & would like to keep reading. Knowledge is power & all that. Infact yeah thats right, I told my CPN about how much I was suffering with these concerning hallucinations & crazy psychotic episodes as they’re starting to really stress me out. You should of seen my face when he told me it was a f**king pop-up book!

But yeah life is manic at the moment but I’m still getting by. Day by day is the best way, so they say. The paranoia isn’t paranoia at all. I know I’m not paranoid. Nothing scares me! Sh*t did you hear that there. Someone’s just knocked on my door. F**k what am I going to do. It might be the neighbour out for a bit of vengeance, with what happened last week. What if its the police. Oh no, what if its my ‘foreign friends.’ There’s no way I’m answering it. Even worse, what if its the tv licence. Or worse than that, what if its wor lass!  There’s more than one. I can hear them whispering. Sh*t! Really guys, what am I going to do?

See you next week.

Take care everyone.

Keep it Real Travellers! 😝

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