A Guest Post with, Sportsdiva64

Well hello there peoples. Have I got a treat for you today. 😀 Lets get ready for some fireworks because,
My fabulous quest is none other than,

Jo Ann Lawery

As, Cece the SportsDiva.  



Thanks for joining me today sportdiva64. Lets get right on into it shall we.

Hey there, sportsdiva64. You love putting the word out about 30 plus Teams Tour. Thats cool! Please let us know, whats the word you shout really all about?

  • The word is sport & travel. 30 Plus Teams Tour us all about going into the city, lets say Montreal, Canada & you’re checking out the attractions, but the real reason you’re there is because your going to see a Montreal Canadiens Hockey game.

Wow thats great! You’ve lived in many different places in America. Boston is your favourite city & you’ll always consider it to be your home. Tell us whats America & Boston really like?

  • Contrary to popular belief, New York City isn’t the capital of the United States, & please don’t judge all Americans by our politicians. We’re actually very friendly. We’re passionate about religion, politics & sports. If you want to get to know United States, go to a sports bar & observe. Better yet, go to a sporting event, especially baseball or a football game. You don’t have to understand or know the rules, we’ll explain them to you. Visit some of our smaller cities too. We’re a big country. As for Boston. The Revolutionary War started in the city of Lexington, which is an hour away & you can take public transport there. Boston celebrates the old & the new. The city reminds you of a European City. After the hustle & bustle of New York City. Boston is a welcome change.

Thanks sportsdiva64. I see you like travel. You’ve done a bit of travelling yourself. Where is your favourite destination & why?

  • I have 2 favorite destinations. Singapore because it was so wicked clean, the food was so good & I liked seeing the world war 2 memorials in the country. My other favorite destination was Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. I worked for Malaysia Airlines in Los Angeles for 8 years & it was my 1st place in Asia that I visited. I had training there & just fell in love with the place. I haven’t been back since 2006. Its time to go back. God Willing.

Fascinating destinations! Your a former freelance sports writer. What a fascinating job to do. Please tell us more?

  • Journalism was my minor in college. (History was my major btw) I wrote in the school paper about the basketball & hockey teams. After I left college, (I didn’t graduate.) I didn’t get to do freelance sports writing until much later, in 1992. I wrote a not so nice letter to the sports editor of the Boston Sports Report newspaper & the editor wrote back & said, “this is the name of the media director of the Boston Bruins hockey team. If you think you can do a better job, set up an interview with one of the Bruins players with her & get back to me. That was my 1st interview & I was nervous as hell & thought it had to be a set up when the media director knew that I was coming & who I wanted to interview. I loved it though & by & large, the players were very nice 

Thats really interesting sportsdiva, thanks. You love sports huh. Whats your favourite type & your favourite team?

  • Oh god yes, I’m a sports fanatic, #ultimate fan girl. Believe it or not, hockey isn’t mt favorite sport, baseball is. My late aunt took me to a baseball game at Yankie Stadium in New York, in 1963 & I’ve been a fan ever since. My favorite baseball team is the New York Yankees.

The New York Yankees. How cool. Sportsdiva64. Why do you think its important to engage with other bloggers?

  • When I read other bloggers posts I feel like I’m sitting down with them face to face & they’re telling me about themselves & their feelings. Its like speaking to a friend except you’re doing it over the internet. I feel that its important to learn about things that you can’t find in a book. I’m learning so much about India, its cities, customs & culture from many bloggers. That info you can’t find in a book. Same with my blog. Its not just about sports. The main focus is going into the city & seeing things that you can’t find in a guide.

Ok, & finally sportsdiva64. Please tell us more about your fantastic blog, 30 Plus Teams 30 Plus Dreams?

  • My pleasure! I love talking about my little blog. Seriously though, its a blog about what to do in a city after you’ve been to that football, baseball, basketball & hockey game. The 30 Plus Teams part of it stands for the number of teams in each of the above. The 30 Plus Dreams part is going to a game in person to an arena or stadium that might be on your bucket list, but that you never thought you’d get to see. I got this idea from a girlfriend who was always asking, “but whats there to do there.” She wasn’t the only person that had that question. It got me thinking, in places like Miami, New York City & even Toronto. Or Chicago, Boston & Philadelphia, people KNOW what to do & see after they’ve gone to a game, but what about places like, Salt Lake City, Baltimore, Pittsburgh, Buffalo, Cincinnati or even Edmonton. Calgary or Ottawa, Canada? What do you do in THOSE cities after a game? Basically asking my friends question, “whats there to do there?” Thats what 30 Plus Teams 30 Plus Dreams is all about. It answers that question for you & hopefully provides a little info about the city,

Thats brilliant, thank you very much sportsdiva64. I personally think your blog is 😎 & very interesting & thanks for all the great info you share!

& Thank you for being a great guest!

Its been really nice working with you Jo!

A big shout out to, 



Well that was absolutely fantastic & wraps things up quite nicely.
Give sportsdiva64’s cool blog a visit & show your support fellow bloggers. 

Thanks again. See yaaaaa!

God Bless sportsdiva64 & America!

Engage Travellers! 😝

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  1. That was ROCKIN’!!! She’s really cool. Your enthusiastic, fun style was great. I was walking out of Your room smiling big and then saw the dancing gift at the end of Your post and burst out laughing. What a nice way to start my day! Cheers and Thanks to You And Sportsdiva64! 😃

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