Foreign Friends on a Stormy Night.

It was a cold, crazy stormy night.

All I was doing was coming back from the travel agents. When suddenly I felt lightning strike,

Its great to have foreign friends. I mean, people travel all over the world & make foreign friends everyday!
But my foreign friends aren’t acting that friendly. Im sick of it. 
I really am.

Everytime I go to the shop they follow me home. 

.I don’t think they like me,

This time my foreign friends didn’t just follow, they chased me.


Every time I look up, all I see is this,

I don’t know if its just me, maybe I came out a bit different,

Or they can see my mental unstability at the moment. 
But its freaking me out!
I’m sure their coming into my home,

Even when I sleep, I wake up to this,

Please send me help……!

They keep sending me strange messages,

Its all getting too much!

I know I dream of travelling the world.

But I meant this world, not their’s!

I really don’t know how its all going to end.

I’m sure the cat’s been abducted,

Even the dog looks gutted,

Help me please….!
From these ‘Foreign Friends on a Stormy Night.’

Take care out there &……
Medication may not help Travellers!๐Ÿ˜

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