The Sunday Journal.

This weeks been ok, not much happened really. I’ve found a bit of that lost excitement about my blog again, so thats great. Hopefully I’ll hit it full-time like I used to. We’ll see how that one goes.

Planning my next adventure. I’m thinking of postponing my trip to the Netherlands until January. Get the Christmas out of the way 1st then start to attack my goals. 2020 is the year I pack up my sh*t & hit the road on an epic European adventure. An adventure I’m not coming back from as I plan to travel, travel, travel. Then finish my travels in a nice rented villa, sipping sangria in the sun all year round. Yeah man, sounds 😎 to me!

A few more trips before that departure date, that I’m planning & looking forward to. I’ll let you know whats, what, when I get my head round it 1st.

The mental health team say I’m doing very well. Thats good news I suppose, although they don’t know that I still see them little green men in my tv at home when they scream for me to let them free. I’m sick of buying a new tv every other month after I’ve throw it out the window;) Or even when I’m out all alone at night when they follow me home at night in the dark.

 I see you!

They put it down to paranoia.
Just because your paranoid, doesn’t mean, their not out to get you;)

I’m definitely not paranoid. 

I know I’m not!

Or how on tuesday, I had a altercation with my neighbour & ended up throwing him in the River just outside my front door. I threw him the life ring as soon as he landed & called the RNLI, so maybe I really am doing well.

Anyway, life is good at the moment,  things might just be picking up so hold tight my fellow bloggers. Hope all is well with you.

Keep on Blogging. ✌
Have a great week! πŸ˜€
Trust no one Travellers! πŸ˜›

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