The Arctic.

“The Arctic does not yield its secret for the price of a ships ticket. You must live through the long night, the storms & the destruction of human pride. You must have gazed on the deadness of all things to grasp their livingness. In the return of the light, in the magic of the ice, in the life rhythm of the animals observed in the wilderness, in the natural laws of all being, revealed here in their completeness, lies the secret of the Arctic & the overpowering beauty of its lands.”

“Then comes unpeopled land. The whole day through, mountains, glaciers, blue rocks & white ice.”

Christiane Ritter, A woman in the Polar Night. (1938)

Gilt edged & dazzling.

A glacial basin.

Mountains on either side.

Peaks crisp against blue skies.

The bluest of blue skies.

Valley after valley.

A frozen river.

Glaciers, icebergs rising.

Seals, foxes & polar bears.

Blaring sun, yet so cold.

Oh, how I want to visit the Arctic!

WarriorTraveller 😝

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