Atacama Desert, Chile.

One for the HitList.

Chile is 2,653 miles long & averaging around 110 miles in width. Its land spans sub-polar steppe, dense rainforests, snowy mountains & hills that hit mediterranean temperatures. At Chile’s lower latitudes are mainly fishing villages that get lashed by rain & snow on a regular basis. Yet way up there at the top of this diverse land is the vast Atacama. 

This place has hardly ever seen a drop of rain. 

Basically a large dry desert with a massive mountain range & many hills & volcanoes to explore. I would love to give this fascinating place a visit, even just to chill, all alone, light up;) & admire whats on offer.

Before trekking my way across the Atacama exploring & conqering the volcanoes with lava exploding on the landsape, that rise all the way along the Bolivian border. 

Whilst I’m dodging them death bombs like Muhammad Ali in his prime. I’d climb up the red cliffs & canyons of the Atacama to watch the geysers shoot plumes of steam into the dry air whilst I once again, light up;) & chill in the emptiness until night falls when I’d pitch up to spend a night stargazing, watching all them ufo’s fly on by while I get high;)
The next morning,
I’d visit the flamingos as they spend their day in saline pools eating mad bacteria in the Laguna Chaxa. I’d be in the middle wearing a Bob Marley hat trying to blend in as best I can. The flamingos are among the few species that have managed to adapt to life in Atacama Desert. So I’m sure I’d be alright with them for the day.

The Atacama is between the Andes & the Chilean Coast Range. Making it one of the driest places on Earth. The place looks a lot like the planet Mars in some areas,

& the Moon in other areas of this very diverse land.

Even so, I bet it would be an experience of a lifetime to visit Atacama, Chile. & Thats why its going high up on my travel hitlist today!
Thanks for reading &……..
Explore & Conquer Travellers! 😝

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