Backpacking Essentials.

Backpackers have to be smart when they travel. Especially those who are on a budget. Preparation is the key to success, bringing the essentials on your journey & knowing them tips & tricks of the trade makes life a lot easier.

Here’s a quick list of essentials that will always make life a lot easier when out there backpacking.
1st off, is a backpack as you’ll not get very far backpacking without this!

Then we have,

Solar powered chargers:- 

These beauties are great! There’s nothing worse than being abroad & your phone & laptop are dying on you rapidly. Your struggling to find accommodation on foot so you need to look online & you can’t find any place nice enough to let you use their electricity. But hold up its sunny & you’ve packed your solar powered charger. Get in there! Your sorted mush. Hit if your a backpacker & haven’t got yourself at least one of these lifesavers. They’re fantastic & cheap enough on any voltage that’ll charge your mobile & laptop anytime, anywhere in the world that our sun shines its face.

Pop up tent:- 

If your on a seriously tight budget then these are a godsend. They’re much better than the usual tents that can be a headache to set up & if that set up is late at night in the middle of nowhere, it can be quite difficult with a tent that takes about an hour to sort out. So pop ups are a gift. Just find a spot, unleash it & you’ve got a bed for the night. They’re so simple to use, compact & very cheap to buy that any serious backpacker should have one, just incase there’s no suitable accommodation when they arrive at their destination. Which happens a lot in the big cities all around the world. I always have a pop up in my backpack & have needed it on a few occasions when travelling.


A 6′ by 4′ is a great investment to put under your tent especially if the turf is soaking wet. Easily folded & takes up no space at all in a backpack. No need to wake up with a wet arse if you thought about this!

Inflatable pillow:- 

You can always use your backpack as a pillow for the night but you might wake up with a stiff neck that feels like whiplash. So for the sake of a couple of quid & a few quick breathes to inflate, these are a good investment.

LED travel lights:-

Its no good doing everything in the dark now is it! Cheap, cheerfull & they last a very long time. A good investment if your scared of the creepy boogeyman lurking outside your tent in the dark.

Face wipes:- 

Yeah man, these are essential if you’ve had to kip in your tent for the night & wake up greasy & groggy in the middle of a field with no wash facilities in sight. Use these for a quick wash & wipe until you hit the shower when you finally find some accommodation.

Water tank:- 

If wipes aren’t your thing then this will come in handy for a wash or to drink. They’re compact & expand with water. A 5 litre one will do just fine.

Swiss army knife:- 

A great tool to have in any backpacks, side pocket. Even if you use it for self protection purposes when camping for the night. To fend off them mosquito’s I mean;)

Backpacking is a great way to travel, either with a friend or going solo. The experiences you have are fantastic & can change you for better. Both physically & mentally. So strap on that backpack & get out there exploring travellers. You have a whole world at your feet. 

Walk the walk, because the world is yours! 🌏🌴😎

Thanks for reading &……..

Backpacking is the Boyo Travellers😝

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    1. Pushy? No naa! I can’t be pushed πŸ˜€ It was a frisk post but I’m visiting at the end of the month. Amsterdam, Rotterdam & I’m thinking Utrecht aswell. Have a 😎 weekend Isabelle 😘


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