Top 10 Spanish Phrases For A Tipsy Traveller.

So your in Spain. Lucky you! 

Its a great place with fantastic people.

The Spaniards are very friendly & welcoming. I love Spain & visit every time I get the chance. The Spanish language is extremely fascinating. Thats why I’ve been studying it for quite some time now.

Anyway, enough chit chat. 

Here’s your ‘Top 10 Spanish Phrases For A Tipsy Traveller.’

I’m sure they’ll more than help you out on your travels πŸ˜€

1:- I’m just looking, now piss off!

#   Solo estoy buscando ahora cabrear.

2:- Leave me alone & shut up your face!

#  Dejame en paz y callate la cara.

3:- Where is the nearest mountain? So I can throw you off it!

#  Donde esta la montana mas? Asi que puedo arrojarte de era.

4:- Spain is great but your a tit!

#  Espana es genial pero tu una teta.

5:- What the hell are you saying? You Spanish twat!

#  Que diablos estas diciendo tu Espanol.

6:- Its high time you spoke English in this foreign country of yours!

#  Es hora de que hables ingles en este pais extranjero tuyo

7:- Its f**k off o’clock. Now do one!

#  Es la mierda en punto ahora haga uno.

8:- Its my sunbed, so go & drown yourself in the sea!

#  Es mi hamaca, asi que ve y ahogate en el mar.

9:- Are you tripping out your nut my friend? I said a beer not gear!

#  Estas tropezando con tu no mi amigo? Dije una cerveza no engrana.

10:- Excuse me, instead of slaughtering that poor bull, why don’t you dance infront of me & I will put a nail in your head!

#  Disculpame en lugar de matar a ese pobre toro por que no bailas frenta mi y te pondre un clavo en la cabeza.

Alrighty then….! 

Thats you phrases for today. I hope they help you get by in Super Spain. 

Take Care Out There Travellers! 😝

13 thoughts on “Top 10 Spanish Phrases For A Tipsy Traveller.

  1. You’ve got an incredible sense of humour Warrior 😁 Can’t stop laughing, In the library working on the thesis at the moment. Not supposed to laugh aloud, so I’m trying to be quiet, not easy I tell you…A nice break from writing. Thank you 🌟

    Liked by 2 people

      1. Of course I don’t mind. I’m working on my Master thesis in English language, and I’m writing about the grammatical differences between British&American English on the one hand and Australian English on the other. Sounds a bit complicated, fun but hard word. Have to produce 100 pages 😊

        Liked by 1 person

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