‘Doon Toon.’ A Walk On The River Tyne.

Newcastle Upon Tyne is a City in the North East of England. 

The River Tyne is known for its past shipbuilding industry. Sadly work in that industry has dropped in recent years & the Geordie folk have had to look elsewhere to provide for their families. There’s still some shipbuilding units like Swan Hunter & the Port of Tyne, that find work along the river. But nothing like in its hayday. Many yards have been demolited & new developments have been built in their place.

Years ago the place was thriving with work. With Palmers being the most productive. Before my time, but obviously I know the history with me being a Geordie born & bred. 

I used to work at Appledore Shipyard. Cleaning oil tanks, paint stripping & shotblasting & I’ve got many fond memories of working in the shipyards. A lot of my friends stuck at it & are now on the oil rigs. Making a small fortune every trip. Good on them! 

The River Tyne is nice to the eye. With bridges like the famous Tyne Bridge. Where the start of The Great North Run happens every year. Bringing people from around the world to Tyneside, to compete in the North East. Making millions for charity.

The Swing Bridge sits next to it. A mechanical masterpiece. Swinging around to let the ships pass by.

Then you have the world renowned Millenium Bridge. Another fascinating bridge that lights up the night & rotates when ships need to pass. Its surprising how many tourists visit just to see this bridge.

Day & night the river & surrounding area looks great. With the Sage on the South side in Gateshead. Music & shows being its main attractions for the public to enjoy.

On the North side is the City of Newcastle with shops, bars, clubs, hotels & restaurants on every corner & all along the Tyne. 

The Life Centre, with its museums & ice rink is a cool place to visit for a frisk.

Then you have the home of Newcastle United FC, just up the road from the river, in the heart of the city. 

This season looks promising in the Premiership for us Geordies. With Rafa in charge, who knows, we might even win some of that silverware we so much crave. Its been far too long without. So bring on the Rafa-lution & come on the Toon!

Give Newcastle Upon Tyne a visit & us Geordies will make you feel very welcome. There’s lots to see & do here, just like in any great city & I’m sure you won’t be dissapointed.

Thanks for reading &…….

Visit Newcastle Travellers! 😝

16 thoughts on “‘Doon Toon.’ A Walk On The River Tyne.

  1. There used to be a ferry link between Kristiansand – a city in sounthern Norway to New Castle, operated by DFDS, a Danish cruise company. Sadly it was closed down a few years ago. I’d definitely visit New Castle! Thank you for the informative post and stunning pictures 😊

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