The Travel Plan, Man!

I’ve made the plan. Now its time to be the man. 

2020 is the year when I pack up my s**t & head off on a backpacking journey around Europe. Moving on to Asia for maybe a year before heading back to Europe to find an apartment in the sun. Sipping Sangria for the rest of my days. Because this is an adventure, I won’t be coming back from. The Americas is definitely on my hit-list in the future but exploring the whole of Europe is the 1st port of call for me.

I know its a long way off to be shouting about it now, but its happening anyway, as by 2020 I’ll have fully financed my travels & prepared my mind for the journey of no return. 

Destination:- Anywhere & Everywhere. 🌏🌴😎

I have a few trips planned before my final departure date. No doubt that I’ll be sharing them on here. Then I strap on my best pal & never look back. Because when you start looking back you always go back. So its a forward march into the unknown. Chest puffed out, head raised high. ‘Walking along, singing a song. Walking in a travellers wonderland.’ Enjoying every moment of the adventure.

I’ll be starting in Eastern Europe, travelling around each country on a monthly basis. Making my way, city to city. Town to town. Finally hitting Asia. Killing every mosquito along the way.

All because I want to experience the un-experienced. Visit the un-visited & See the un-seen.

This travel plan is happening man! 

Time to prepare to start living the dream.

Stay 😎 Travellers. 😝

28 thoughts on “The Travel Plan, Man!

      1. On Facebook seek a page by the name of Karakoram. You can get what’s it’s like in the Northern Region of Pakistan.

        Any details of any type, feel free to ask me, I have a wonderful travel agent. He will help you from A to Z.

        Where to go and stay, with accommodation and transport etc.

        Keep in mind, the accommodation in some of the places are like cottage houses, so you won’t find 3 or 5 star hotels.

        But the hospitality will be 8 star of the locals.

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