Beach Life. 🌴

Happening folks?

Do you love the beach?

Sweeeeet…. Me too!

Come rain or shine, the beach is a great place to be. I’m one, that will gladly hit the beach in a thunder storm. Chilling on the rocks, watching the waves crash & listening to the sweet sounds of mother nature perforating the eardrums, whilst slowly getting hypothermia & pneumonia & still love every moment of it. 
Or even to get the jet ski out & venture up the coast for a rollercoaster ride in high tide, dicing with death for the thrill of it. Its all good because I just love a bit of beach life. 🌴

The summer is long gone here in England. But why let that stop us? The weather is changing for the worse right now where I am. Its heavy rain & storms expected. So with that in mind. I’m thinking, beach life!🌴

Obviously the best time to experience beach life,🌴 is summer time. When folk start to live a little & begin to adventure out as they rise from their hibernation syndrome, that affects them at this time of year.
Everyone should hit the beach. Even if its just for a stroll, to clear your head. The beach is a great place to chill & think, contemplating your next move in life. There’s something in the air & scenery that helps the mind to focus & benefit from it. 

Its dark, wet & windy out there. But hey, who cares! I’m off out for a bit of beach love. So for all of you who are sitting at home dreaming of the summer. Here’s a few more beach life 🌴 pics to brighten up your miserable life. 


Yeah man! Did that float your boat?

Worry less & Smile more! 😀

Time for a bit of beach life. 🌴

Take care Travellers! 😝

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