Tasty Travel Tales.


When I was in North Barcelona. I met this Spanish couple, who were locals. They talked very fast Catalan Spanish, so I struggled to understand a word they said. But I got the jist of it & it went a bit like this, ” Hey you not from around here no?” To which I replied, ” Its that obvious huh? & here’s me trying to look like a local with my silky tan & dark chest hair on show, sipping a pint of San Miguel.” In the best Spanish that I could muster at that precise moment.

That comment brought a little giggle from them both. To which the senorita replied. ” You no want to come with us?” A little taken by surprise by this question, I ask. “Go where with you? I’m no mug, so don’t think I’m an easy target for a Spanish scam.” To that the senor said. “No, no. You be very happy to come with us. You be very, very happy.”

So there I was, half paranoid, half curious. Thinking is this a shits trick? Or are they just a kinky couple that want to spice up their sex life with some lucky foreigner? Woah…. Hold on a minute. That lucky guy could be me! & the senorita was a stunner. You know the type. A 3 way cross between Ariana grande, Michelle Keegan & Kim Kardashian.

Hell yeah I would!

So with that in mind, I thought, well why not. You only live once & it’ll not be my 1st experience of that kind anyway. What was there to lose? I gave them 1 last look. The senor had a cheeky grin on his face & the senorita had that kinky look in her eyes, which instantly made my mind up to accept their strange offer, without actually knowing what the outcome of this encounter would entail. It seemed far too good to be true. But hey whats life without taking risks? “Ok, I said, lets go!”


So there I was with this kinky Spanish couple. Walking along, singing a song. Walking in a lucky, foreigner wonderland.



After 5 minutes of walking in the blazing sun. I don’t know if I started to suffer from some sort of sunstroke, but all I could see ahead of me at the time was this,

200w (1).gif


& with that, I must admit that I was starting to get a little bit too excited at the thought of what might be about to happen, once we finally reached our destination. That I started to walk like this,

200w (2).gif


I must be the luckiest foreigner to walk on Spanish soil, so I thought.

We reached the spot where magic might happen, in no less than 10 minutes. From the outside it wasn’t up to much. Just a doorway in an alley. Β The senorita guided me by the hand inside & to my surprise, there was a small desk with an even smaller senor sitting behind it. Hmmm, it must be a concierge, I thought. They talked in quiet, fast Catalan together for a moment. Then the concierge asked me for my passport. “Eh passport? Why do you want my passport? I haven’t got my passport with me today!” I said in my best Spanish.

“OUT, OUT. No passport, no enter.” he shouted!

The senor quickly jumped in & had a quiet word with the small, shouting nutter behind the desk. Who then said, “Ok, ok no problem. 10 euro & you enter.”

10 euros. Hmmm, I took another look at the sexy senorita & thought, why not! Well worth 10 euro in my book. So I paid the concierge. Who then gave me a business card & said, ” You keep safe. You come back. You bring card & you enter, up to 1 year. Ok!”

Without looking at the card, I put it in my pocket & the senor opens the small door to the right. “Ok, enter.”

Suddenly the sexy senorita & her senor, leave out the front door. Woah… Whats going on here. I thought & go to follow them out.

“No, no. It ok. Go inside. You like!”

I paid 10 euro, so I might as well see behind the door. Β I slowly open, then I walk forward to go inside &,

200w (3).gif


1st the smoke & then the smell hits me full in the face. I see people through the smoke sitting all around, so I be brave & venture inside.

giphy (1).gif

Its only a coffee shop with an extra kick, that serves some of the very best herbs in the world!


Ohhh….. The delight on my face. I quickly interact & buy myself a cup of coffee with some added super herbs & sit there all day with a bunch of Spanish folk doing this,



I had the best cup of coffee that I’ve had in my life that day & left this fantastic find on foreign soil. Looking like this,



& to my further delight. When I hit Las Ramblas. There was senorita’s & senor’s on every corner. Like those I met in Northern Barcelona. Saying, ” Coffee shop my friend. Smoke weed. Smoke weed.”

giphy (2).gif

The moral of this ‘Tasty Travel Tale,’ is, don’t be afraid to mix on your travels, as even though I wasn’t the luckiest foreigner on Spanish soil. I still had the best cup of coffee I’ve ever had in my life & that wouldn’t of been possible if I was afraid to take a few risks on foreign soil. So being brave & finding that inner warrior whilst you travel, just might open the door to fun opportunities. Be brave fellow travellers & who knows what might happen!

Thanks for reading &……….

Stay safe Travellers 😝


3 thoughts on “Tasty Travel Tales.

  1. Great story, man. Wish I could bump into more people like this on my travels; my most similar experiences were bumping into two Glaswegian fisherman stoners (I’m not sure which order they considered themselves… perhaps Stoning Glaswegian fisherman?) and listening to Bob Marley with them while I puffed and they pulled in mad hauls of mackerel, and one time in Ibiza a guy trying to blag that the .7 he was trying to flog in a baggy was actually two eighths. Guy musta thought I was an amateur… In any case, none of the characters in those adventures were particularly attractive, unfortunately.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Sounds like two funny characters. The Jocks are great though. I have family up there. I live close enough. I was in peterhead not too long ago. They’re all mackerel bashers. Great bunch πŸ˜€ Ibiza is a trip! Everyone I met there was off their nut. Some do try to blag you. I’ve had the same in the past. Never let it happen but god loves a trier. Cool story bud 😎& thanks!

      Liked by 1 person

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