Mistake of Montcada!


Holaaaaaaaa ๐Ÿ˜œ

Hello there. How’s everyone today? Have you missed me? I’ve missed you all longgggg time! I arrived home in the early hours of this morning. 2 days short of my target. Still no sleep. Hardcore huh….? ๐Ÿ‘บย Thats the Warrior that is! ๐Ÿ˜Ž

Well Montcada!ย What can I say. You have Montcada i Reixac & Montcada Ripollet in Northern Barcelona. An old Spanish town, half residential, half industrial. Basically, somewhere in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by mountains.





I only had my mobile’s camera, so some of my pics are shit sorry, but so was Montcada.

As soon as I stepped off the train from the airport, I knew it was a mistake & Montcada wasn’t for me. 1st off, the smell of the place hit me smack in the face. It stank of sewage & bins. Such an over-powering smell. Add the boiling heat from the sun into the mix & it was the kind of smell that made you wish that you were born without a nose!


As you can see in this pic, there’s hardly nothing there, in poor little old Montcada.

My original intinerary plan was to spend 3 days in Montcada, visiting Las Ramblas via the great transport links Ripollet had on offer. Then move on to Madrid & finally Murcia. Well that plan went tits up & a whole new un-intended experience awaited. Its all Montcada’s fault. But hey, it worked out great in the end & I’ve got a lot to write about. I had a blast!

Anyway, after the initial shock of the smell, I quickly came to realise that these lovely Spanish people didn’t speak the normal, learned Spanish language. It was a very strong, very fast, Catalan Spanish that’s extremely difficult to understand. Therefore, even more difficult for me to communicate. With that, came the bombshell that not one person in this town spoke a single word of English & you could tell by the look in their eyes, that they hadn’t even seen an Englishman or any kind of foreigner before. Everyone looked shocked. They would just stare at you as if they were trying to suss you out. Not in a nasty way, but a dumb-founded way. Like eh! What the hell are you doing here? Sort of way. Maybe if I was of weak character, I would of just 360’d it & got the next train out of there. But f**k that, I bounced right on through Montdada i Reixac & into Ripollet. Finally finding my hotel, which took about an hour by the way. Not a very good start to this epic adventure!

Important note for any tourist…..

In Montcada if your not a local then your not just a foreigner, your an outsider!

The hotel itself was great. I stayed at the Sercotel, Montcada. H10.




I was delighted to find a hidden gem on 1 of my smoke breaks;) A nice rooftop pool area.




Its only a small lap pool but trust me. 50 laps after 50 bottles, did the trick!


This rooftop area really was a nice place to chill after the stress of travelling back & forth to Las Ramblas & the headf**k of the surrounding industrial units.

Then I found a small gym that I used. Very basic but good enough for a morning workout.


I booked this hotel because it was meant to have great transport links to explore Barcelona. Hmmm, don’t think so! The links are there, somewhere. However it was very testing to even a nice natured person. They were never on time & took far too long to reach Las Ramblas, that by day 3 of visiting the city via Montcada I had decided to scrap my itinerary plan & book accommodation on the La Rambla strip as I simply didn’t get enough of it & I craved for more. So that was the point when Madrid went out the window & the initial plan took a twist in a whole new direction.

It was time to do 1 & get the hell out of there as fast as I could.

The train station out of there, which by the way caters for 4 different trains, all with different routes. So you have to be carefull to make sure you actually get on the right one!


The train to my new destination took more than an hour. But hey, who cares eh!

Now I know I’ve nagged & slagged my way through this entire post, but do join me next time for 6 days, when life gets a lot more lively, in the heart of Barcelona’s vibrant Las Ramblas.


Thanks for reading &……

Stay ๐Ÿ˜Ž Travellers. Viva Espanaย ๐Ÿ˜œ


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