Know The Blogger!



that’s me waving, heyyyyy…!

So this is my ‘Know the Blogger’ post.

Its quite a popular post as I’ve heard & seen on more than, well f!*k know’s how many times on this,

more than popular website that is,


So let me introduce myself,

I was born way back when,

Not in Bethlehem,

But somewhere in the Jungle.

Next to Simon & Garfunkel.

Not with Jesus or Hey, Zues?


well ‘Know The Blogger’

Here’s my answer to your ridiculous questions!

This is me at 1st born,



See how wide awake I am?


This is me in my teenage years,


Can you see the intelligence in my eyes?

Yeah, me too!


This is me in my mid-life crisis,


Miserable maybe,

But did I turn out alright?

Well this is me now,


Up yours you,

‘Know The Blogger’ Bucknut…

Don’t ask me them sort questions again!

Now I’m not against faith or anything like that. But don’t ever put it on me like that!

F!#k Off Numty, or should I say,





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