The Ultimate Kind Of Travel.


Space Travel.

Space travel is by far the most fascinating form of travel available to us all & we should be doing our very best to make it happen. Not just for the future existence of mankind, which is obviously the most important issue of space travel.

But can you imagine if we could all become the ‘Ultimate Traveller’.

Travelling from Galaxy to Galaxy, visiting Planet after Planet, at our will.

Its the stuff that dreams are made of.

Some say, a very impossible dream.

Science however, shows that it just might one day be possible.

Look at how much we’ve already achieved. Travelling within our own galaxy is very possible & its been happening since the start of the Cold War.

With the ‘Space Race’ well under way. We’ve certainly got a lot to look forward to in the future.


What if we put these,


Space Stations in strategic points throughout space. Harnessing enough power on them to hurtle our form of travel at lightning speed towards the next, in a continuous motion until we reach our destination of choice.

Hmmm, could be plausible, one thinks.


Who wouldn’t want to to explore other galaxies outside our own.




To discover new Planets outside our own Solar System.




To fly from place to place in these,




To make new friends like this,



I know that I’d be 1st in line getting my warrior on goodstyle, if the opportunity was there for me to travel,

‘The Ultimate Kind Of Travel’.


Take it easy travellers & lets all travel to Space 😜


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