Travel with WarriorTraveller. Thailand.


WarriorTraveller Guided Tours.

Happening travellers,

So you love a bit of travel huh…?

Me too…!

😎 Cool.

We’ve got something in common already.

Great start..!

How about we take our relationship to the next level.

Come with me as I take you on a guided tour into another, ‘Wonder of the World’ our amazing planet has to offer.

Don’t worry, you’ll be safe. Your with WarriorTraveller after all 😜


Last time we where in Machu Picchu, Peru. This time we’re heading to the wonder of Thailand, Asia.


A backpackers paradise!

Our journey begins in the fantastic Capital City, Bangkok.


Bangkok is known for its Ornate Shrines & vibrant, crazy street life. Not to mention, one of the best nightlife scenes in the world. Ranging from swanky rooftop lounges to the backpacker bars & nightclubs of the notorious ‘Pat’Pong’ District.


This place has to be at the top of our guided tour hit list today. Thats why we’ve landed here 1st.

So go on…

This round is on me…




Did you enjoy that?

I bet you did.

Me too!

Bangkok will grab you by the balls & swing you from bar to bar in a trippy hazed out daze, so we’ll leave the city for now & head on over to, Koh Samui.


Quick jump on, enjoy the ride & we’ll get there in no time,


Woooohhh… Looks like we’re rather tipsy now huh…?

Ok we’re here, at the majestic Koh Samui,


A fantastic island in the Gulf of Thailands East Coast. Known for its luxury resorts with posh spa’s & palm fringed beaches, coconut groves & dense mountainous rainforests. This place is a sight for sore eyes & a great destination to chill.

So lets just relax here on the,

teaser.jpeg (1)

At Koh Samui & sun soak all that Bangkok alcohol out of our system, shall we…


Ok, are we ready for the next part of our ‘WarriorTraveller Guided Tour’ today…?


We’re moving on over to a tiny Island thats still connected to Koh Samui by a causeway, so it’ll not take us long, if we jump back on…..

giphy (1)

😎 Cool huh….!


Well will you just look at that,


The Golden Big Buddha Statue. A landmark, 18m-tall at Wat Phra Yai Temple. People visit from all over the world to receive good luck & pray. A great way to spend our day, chilling with a Big Buddha of Thailand. Shall we stay…?



No way….!

We’ve still got one last trip on our guided tour today.


We’re off over to,


Pattaya. A fantastic city that has it all. A lot like Bangkok, but very different in its own peculiar way. Its 147km South East of Bangkok & you’ll be surprised to know that it used to be a quiet fishing village in the 1960’s.

But now,

To the backpackers delight, its now lined with resort hotels, highrise condos, shopping malls, bars & 24 hour nightclubs. Its even got designer golf courses for us all to indulge.


Ok one last time jump on, this one is a little faster but its a long way away, lets hurry & we’ll still get there to finish off our day.

giphy (2).gif


Our 1st stop in Pattaya is the magnificent main strip,

Yeehaa… we’re,


I’m off to the strip club so have fun,

Meet me back here in 20 mins…






I’m an associate of ‘WarriorTraveller Guided Tours’ here in Pattaya, Thailand & I regret to inform everyone that WarriorTraveller won’t be back to end his tour today….

He further informed me, to tell you all to join him next time on……

‘Travel with WarriorTraveller’ 😜


Thailand is a fantastic destination to visit, with so much on offer so strap on your backpack & get travelling travellers!


Final words…….


This is me on the 1st day of my last solo trip to Thailand,



& this is me on only the 2nd day,



& I was there for 30 days, so you can imagine me after that,



Well thats finished our ‘WarriorTraveller Guided Tours’ off quite nicely for today.

Thanks for reading &……


Stay 😎 Travellers! 😜


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