Its Friday Highday

Its Friday Highday, but this is how I woke up this morning from Funky Thursday night.


Its ‘Friday Highday’ peoples….

What’s everyones plans for today?

Not much huh…?

Same here. So I thought I’d write a post to celebrate ‘Friday Highday’ with my fellow bloggers. Even though I haven’t got a clue what this post is going to be about from start to finish as I’m writing it, right now. Apart from the Friday Highday crack, but its been a while since I posted so I might as well try to rattle off a fast one.

If it doesn’t work out…..

Hey, who cares right…?

Its ‘Friday Highday’ after all.

Its a travel blog so I suppose I’ll have to feature the word ‘travel’ at least a few times in this post.


Ok well my ‘travel’ plans for this Friday Highday.

1st stop today shall be,


For a sweet as they come,


That will sort out last nights unhealthy episode at the local.

I hope!

From the coffee shop I shall ‘travel’ all the way to,


For one of these bad boys…


Then my ‘travels’ will lead me straight to this, even bigger bad boy,


& after that…..

Well who knows….?

Who cares…..?

Its ‘Friday Highday’ after all.


I’m off out to start my ‘travels’ now. Maybe I’ll find something to write about after my ‘Friday Highday’ expeditions.

I’ll be sure to let you know..!

Take care Travellers 😜



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