WarriorTraveller Newcastle Nightlife Escapade.


I decided on a trip into town recently.

I’ve been back in Newcastle, England, for more than a month now. So I thought it was high time to show my face on the nightlife scene.

My 1st stop was to hit the River Tyne & debate whether or not to do my party trick front kick, triple backflip,

off the main bridge in front of all my Newcastle nightlife friends. Something I’ve done once or twice when the weather’s nice.


I began to eye them up,


Too small for me. On to the next victim.. We shall see.


Wow…. Sorry thats the same Millennium Bridge…. A fantastic sight with many a light in Newcastle upon Tyne.

Pretty cool & canny fine!


Maybe too much Jack Daniels before I left home,

this one should do the trick,


Yeah, thats about my scale, no way I could fail.


After eyeing it up I parked my jetski just below the bridge, so I could make my getaway if them ‘bobbies on the beat’ decided to interrupt my magnificent feat!


All is 😎

I’m no fool…


So it was on, into the frey,

To the city centre, to dance the night away.



Great nightlife in Newcastle folks!

Anyway, its was time to play.


Time to rock the River Tyne,

Because the night was fine.


so I found my spot & wow was I hot…!


I killed my front kick, triple backflip party trick.



But s#!tttt……

If you could here my cries…


Who knew that the River Tyne had big fishy’s this size,



I did well though & quickly made my getaway on the jetski before that f*!kka decided It was time to eat & have me for a midnight feast.


I didn’t half take off, look at me go….. Damn am I trying,


Absolutely flying……😜


I made it home safely enough & did what everyone does at that time of night,


I order dial a drink of course!

Sent by a Newcastle horse.



Waking up the next day.

I was ok!

Apart from a big black eye from my ‘Newcastle Nightlife Escapade.’



However, I do admit, I spat my dummy out the pram after yet another accident.

But, hey it was time to shine, after all ‘the fog on the tyne is all mine.’



Me & my ‘shiner’ are shining 😎



All in all I had a good night out in Newcastle.

So thanks alot.


Take it easy Travellers 😜



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