Travel trip coming quick!


Viva Espana!


Now then,

Happening peoples?

All good?

😎 Cool

This is just a fast post about my next trip that’s creeping up quick. Its been a longgggg few months since I booked my flights to,


Yes, you guessed it Barcelona!

Roll on, Roll on…..

First stop in Barcelona for me, will be,


Yeah, thats right, Las Ramblas!

I’ll be bossing it in Barca, on the Las Ramblas strip…. Yeehaa 😜

Obviously I’m not going to kill my planned blog posts right here, right now, so we’ll just dance on over to my next thought for my itinerary plan,.

I’ll be kicking it with Messi in the,


The Nou Camp!

Or Camp Nou, whatever!!!


After that I’ll be hitting,



Yeah thats Madrid to you & me.

Madrid shall be fun, one thinks!

Lots of drinks……One thinks!


My next & final destination will be,


Yeahh, Murcia!!!!

My soon to be, place of residence.

I just love this place me!

Out comes, the,

Cabin Rentals in Big Bear Lake 900 jet ski

Jet Ski..

Lethal Legend on these sweethearts me! 😎


Anyway its nearly upon us, so be sure to check it out when I smash it in Spain.

Traveller Style….🌍🌴😎


Thanks for reading &……


Viva Espana Travellers 😜




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