Why Backpacking?


Anyone & everyone can go backpacking. You could even backpack around your own country.

Why not!

You’ll be surprised what your own country has to offer.

But to really experience the thrill of backpacking, you have to get out your passport, travel abroad & venture out of your comfort zone.

You don’t have to be loaded or for it to hurt your pocket that much. Backpacking can be as cheap or as expensive as you want it to be. Its worth every penny anyway if you ask me. Because the experiences that you’ll have on your travels will change you forever, not to mention it’ll be an adventure that you’ll remember for the rest of your life.


Seeing more of the world is always a good thing. Best of all is when your backpacking you’ll see & do it all your way. With no one to tell you what, when or how you should do it. You make all the decisions & for those that are stuck in a rut at home,

I say to you,

“give your head a wobble, get your life together, strap on that backpack, get out there & see what the world has on offer. Stop thinking about it, start acting on it, make your itinerary plan & get yourself out of that rut. Travel the world my friend because the world is yours!”


There’s so much out there, that who knows, that rut at home may become a thing of the past, as you might never come back.

Honestly the type of experiences you’ll have while backpacking are amazing!

It was on my 1st backpacking trip to Thailand when I had my very 1st encounter.

I was chiiling minding my own business on the beach when suddenly I was abducted by aliens. They were a right friendly bunch. They just did their tests & let me go. I remember it vividly. They weren’t the frightening type like you see on tv. I managed to sneak a snap while I was on their operating table. This is them here,


They still visit me sometimes, either via my tv at home, where I see little green men inside the tv. Or when I’m out alone at night in the dark. Its a little un-nerving but brilliant at the same time!

But yeah…. Back to backpacking.

If its your very 1st time & your still debating whether to do it or not, because your not sure your capable of travelling alone. Due to fear of the unkown or even feelings of loneliness. Don’t worry, you have nothing to fear. Backpacking is a gift. Its 1 of the very best ways to travel. Aslong as you plan it right. It will be the best gift you ever give to yourself. & its great to have ‘foreign friends’ too!

So strap on that backpack & free your mind, body & soul.

If your in a rut, travel the world & get yourself out of this s!#t-hole.


Thanks for reading &…….


Go backpacking travellers! 😜


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