Travel Savvy Travellers.


Travel Hack


A quick travel trick for travellers, travelling on a relatively small budget.



What travel hack have I got for you today?





Its a cool platform that uses a unique function that’s quickly changing the way savvy travellers go about booking their hotel reservations.



& what’s this cool platform WarriorTraveller’s talking about today. Again I hear you say!



Well its



An online platform thats great for saving travellers a s!*tload of money on hotel bookings.


Its basically a re-booking website.
You initially make your hotel reservation on any booking website that floats your boat & once you’ve received the email confirmation, you simply forward it to:-


Then heads up travellers because this is were pruvo goes to work by detecting that same room, on the same date is available at a much cheaper price!


You’ll get a notification indicating the exact steps you need to take to secure your new, cheaper reservation.


As long as you booked your 1st reservation with the free cancelation option, then your all go to use pruvo!


Its free to use, since any commission is paid by the booking platform anyway.



So here’s a step by step process to a much cheaper hotel room using pruvo, which by the way, some are as much as 50% cheaper.


If that doesn’t float your boat, its time to throw yourself overboard.



Ok here we go, this is what you do, you savvy traveller you!



#1 Reserve your hotel with any booking platform. Making sure to book using the free cancelation option.



#2 Send pruvo your email confirmation, by forwarding it to,

so they can start tracking the details of your booking. They’ll send you an email to allow them to track it. Just give them permission & wait for their response.



#3 Pruvo will contact you via email once it finds you a much cheaper deal, letting you know how much you can save & the instructions needed to obtain that much cheaper price that is now available.



#4 Now you just cancel your original booking & pruvo will re-direct you to make your new, cheaper reservation. Make sure to cancel the 1st booking prior to your new reservation. Because it’ll all go tits up if you don’t.



But that’s basically it. Your all done. Its such an easy process to do & can even be more simplified by downloading the google chrome extension, that pruvo has available on its website.


They’ve made a big impact on the travel industry, saving savvy travellers a small fortune so far.
Check it out for yourself & start saving at:-



If saving money is your game, then dear traveller, pruvo should be your aim !



Thanks for reading &….



Travel Savvy Travellers 😜


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