Backpacking Adventures.



Happening Backpackers!

If your planning your 1st backpacking trip, but you have no clue what destination is for you.

Then never fear,


WarriorTraveller is here. 😜

So its your 1st trip & your 1st thought is,

My life’s a mess, I want to travel, but will I make a mess of that too. I want an adventure, to travel solo but where are the best backpacking destinations to go?



My answer to that my traveller friend is,


Absolutely Anywhere!



Backpacking is the most flexible kind of travel you can ever treat yourself to. Which, my dear fellow backpacker basically means, you can tailor-make your new adventure into a trip that suits your interests & meets your needs. Therefore, this new backpacking trip your planning can be epic!



How & why? You ask.



Because its totally up to you, wherever & whatever you decide to do. Its your adventure with no one to stop you. You can travel the world & live your dream. All on a relatively small budget if you plan it right.



Thats why!



Anyway, back to the point.



Your life’s a mess, you want to travel but your not sure of the best places to go.



Ok my friend, well what I say to that is,



dont be a pussy.



Be a Warrior!



Its time to get out of the




& into the






Why the hell would I do that? You say!






Because some of the best backpacking destinations will literally set your messed up life alight! (In a good way ofcourse)



Thats why!




Here’s a few that might be just right for you.



Strap on your new best friend. (Backpack) Because 1st stop we’re heading to, South East Asia, Thailand.


One of the most famous backpacking areas in the world!




The Thai resorts are packed with fellow backpackers & the big city experience in Bangkok will blow your head clean off. This place is happening & crazy, mental at the same time.


Its a backpackers dream & if like most, your on a budget, then no need to stress, this place is the best!


Bangkok, Thailand.


You can live like a king ding a ling in Thailand, with monthly rent as low as £70. Yeah thats right, thats not a typo. Your funds will go a long way if you hit Thailand today.



You could even follow the backpacking route & venture into Cambodia, Vietnam & Laos. Or travel North to China. Its up to you. You can travel the whole of Asia on a relatively small budget if your backpacking solo.






Or how does a backpacking trip through Europe sound?



Starting in the United Kingdom. Travelling from the highlands of Scotland, down to Aberdeen, Glasgow & Edinburgh.



Edinburgh, United Kingdom



Then into England via, Berwick upon Tweed, Newcastle, & the seaside resorts of Whitby & Scarborough.


After the hospitality of the North East, you can head West to Liverpool & Manchester, moving on to the sight for sore eyes country that is Wales, where you’ll find some breath-taking scenery & hiking opportunities.




After the joys of the North you can head South to the capital London. One of the best city in the world. With so much to see & do, or you could jump on the train & visit the resort of Brighton for some serious fun in the sun!


London, UK


Before finally heading on to the rest of the Euro zone. Starting in Holland, then on to Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Greece & bla, bla, blaaaa.


Amsterdam, Holland


You get my point!

A backpacking trip around Europe can be the best adventure of your life.
You can get lost in all the excitement Europe has to offer.




Another popular backpacking destination is Australia. The land of the Aussies.






The transport links throughout Australia are fantastic & the landscape is so varied that there’s so much to see & do for a solo backpacker. This trip could be just right for you.

The Eastern Coast is very popular because of the highest concentration of cities that are located there, including Sydney, Melbourne & Brisbane.






Or you could hit the nature route to take in all that Australia has to offer & trust me this place has it all!


Its only a short trip over to New Zealand where you could start on the North Island, then travel South on the backpacking trail to trek up the Southern Alps.


New Zealand


Pitch up & enjoy because a backpacking trip here, will easily take away all your solo travel fear.





Next stop South America.


Brazil, South America


With a well known backpacking route that runs through Ecuador, Peru & into Bolivia. Or you can check out the famous Galapagos Islands.


View from Bartolome Island
Galapagos Islands, Bartolome


You could even trek your way into the Amazon if your brave enough & hit the Inca Trail.


Climbing up to Machu Picchu, finding your true warrior, in one of the most ancient sacred places on the planet.


Machu Picchu, Peru


Wherever you visit in South America is up to you. But I’d definitely have it on your backpacking bucket list, if I was you!



These are just suggestions,


there’s a lot more destinations to travel & providing your trip is well planned. It can take you anywhere.
Like the USA or the fantastic backpacking trail that is Canada.

Its all up to you!

So strap on your new best friend. Who knows your 1st trip might never end.



Be brave my fellow backpacker,


Because the world is yours! 🌍🌴😎



Thanks for reading &……..




Go Solo, Travellers! 😜




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