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IMG_20170729_105504WarriorTraveller Guided Tour.


Happening travellers,


So you just love a bit of travel huh?


Me too !


😎 Cool.


We’ve got something in common already.


Great start!

How about we take our relationship to the next level.


Come with me as I take you on a guided tour into one of the ‘Wonders of the World’ our amazing planet has to offer.


Don’t worry you’ll be safe. Your travelling with WarriorTraveller after all. 😜



Our journey begins at the Mayan Civilisation of Machu Picchu, in the Cusco Region of Peru.


Machu Picchu was built around 1450. At the height of the Incan Empire. The largest empire in the world in the 16th century & from 1438- 1533, the Inca’s ruled a large part of Western South America, centred on the Andean Mountains.
At its largest it ruled Peru, Ecuador, Bolivia, Argentina, Chile & Colombia.


Not too bad for an ancient civilisation.




The Inca were basically a Cult who worshiped a Sun God.

They’re king, the Sapa Inca was considered to be the ‘Son of the Sun’.

Many human sacrifices & mysticism is thought to have been carried out at Machu Picchu. Its believed people were sacrificed to accompany a deceased noble in the afterlife. But most were made in order to satisfy their Sun God.


Crazy, crazy Inca peoples….!

F*#king lunatics…!


Extremely fascinating though.



The Inca abandoned Machu Picchu, just over 100 years after its construction, due to the Spanish Conquest arriving in the area. Shame really as the Spanish never found it, because of its position on the mountain & it laid undiscovered until 1867. Only in 1983 was it made a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.



Machu Picchu has an urban & an agricultural sector. It also has upper & lower towns on the site. The whole architecture is adapted into the mountains.
The temples are in the upper town & that’s our next stop as we’re visiting three temples today as we travel on the WarriorTraveller guided tour.



First stop is,

The Temple of the Sun.



The Temple of the Sun was the main temple for religious ceremonies & was extremely protected by the Inca. Located in the urban centre at the highest point possible, in order to be closer to the Sun God & to watch the sky, for both astronomical studies & religious rituals.






The temple shows an impressive semi-circular design & its flat segment contains the Serpent Gate. It was used for ceremonies related to the June Solstice. In the centre there’s a carved stone that was used to honour the sun during rituals.
Under the temple an entrance to an underground cave was found & all the chamber walls are covered with carved works of art & was designed as a crypt to house the mummified corpses of the highest aristocracy in the Inca civilisation.



Next stop on our WarriorTraveller guided tour is,

The Temple of the Moon.


Situated on Mt Huayana Picchu, just behind the Temple of the Sun on Mt Machu Picchu.




Hold on…………….



Its all the way over there 😜



Quickly, quickly jump on & I’ll fly you there;)






Ok, now that we’re here, lets crack on…….




The Temple of the Moon is a complex of caves that are thought to be burial sites built directly into the mountain rock.




The temple itself has some of the finest stone art work in Machu Picchu. It has classical trapezoidal Inca niches & double-jam doorways. In the centre is a carved rock throne. Beside it are steps leading to deeper caves which housed more mummified corpses.





The temple dates back 1500 years & lies 1,280 ft below the summit on the north side of Huayna Picchu. It has 3 main structural components. 1 is an overhanging cave with fantastic stone art, that’s said to be the 3 planes of the Incan religion which are,

Hanan Pacha (the heavens)

Kay Pacha (the earth)

& Ukja Pacha (the underworld).





The temple is raised above ground & has 6 levels built on top of each other, over a 200 year time span. Its thought some levels might have been places for more human sacrifice. In order to satisfy their gods.




Ok, our final stop on our guided tour is back over to ‘Mt Machu Picchu’ to the ‘Temple of Three Windows’.






Again, its quite a distance away, so quickly jump on & I’ll get you there in no time!





Safely does it now, be careful !





per machupi three windo house



The Temple of Three Windows has the longest history in the Sacred Lost City of Machu Picchu. Located in the Sacred Plaza in the main urban sector, the temple is a large lithic structure & the 3 windows are said to represent the place where the Inca originated, but I’ve delved deep & agree with the Windows of the Universe theory & how each window represents a part of the Inca philosophy. The Hanan Pacha (heaven), the Kay Pacha (earth), the Ukju Pacha (underworld) & how the rise of the Sun God through the windows is an important event in the Inca civilisation.



The temple is set in a square courtyard enclosure in the uptown area & is considered an important part of Machu Picchu because of its close location to the point of greater spiritual value for the Inca people to worship their Sun God.





Alrighty then travellers.


Thats a rather abrupt end to my guided tour. I’m sorry but its all done & dusted for today.



Thanks for joining me on,

‘Travel with WarriorTraveller’.



Take it easy Travellers, see you next time 😜






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