The Digital Nomad.


Location Independent.

I’ve always been a bit of a freelancer, but to live the life of a Digital Nomad is my main aim. Who would’nt want to work from anywhere in the world & make a s!*t load of money while travelling the globe!

You’d be silly not to contemplate that way of life, if you love to travel anyway.

How hard can it be? It must be easy right?

Well many will tell you its easy. All you have to do is start a blog & advertise your service via that blog. It really is that simple. But by the way, you’ll need to learn a thing or two first & I’ve got just the digital nomad blogging course for you.

& guess what, your in luck. It comes your way today, with a fantastic 50% discount.


Oh really, so how much is it?


For you, its a one time only offer of £1,250. But that offer only last for the next 24 hours.


Oh really,  a one time only offer you say.

Well I might be back intouch after 24 hours derrr.


Shut your face up you Gonk!

Who do you think your talking too? I didn’t suffer a head injury last night you tit.

I must of completed hundreds of free courses in the past 2 months & there all a load of s!*t. Every one is the same. They just pussy foot around explaining everything you need to know but at the same time, they dont explain a f*#king thing!


So I thought, maybe its just the free courses that act that way & I started to look around to see if I could find one thats looks good enough to grab my attention.

The best one I found was,



This guy definitely knows what he’s talking about, I’ll give him that & his one on one emails are fantastic & you get a ‘sneek peek’ at the digital nomad community location rebel offers.

It looks great.


But thats just it!

Its a community & he wants £650 from me to join & communicate with other digital nomads.

Ok its great for maybe making a few connections, but have you seen how many digital nomad groups are available on facebook?


Millions mate!


I’m in at least 500 of them myself. So why the f#*k would I pay £650 to some numpty to be his friend? Nar, nar mate. Thanks anyway, but see you later mush!

Not happening.


So I’ve decided to find my own way & become a digital nomad with my own hard graft.


I’m going to crack on in this blogging world, which I really like by the way. While playing the freelance game.

I make money but not enough to be a fully fledged digital nomad & become truely location independent, but if I work hard enough & pitch myself good enough, then this digital nomad way will come my way soon enough!


So its back to the office to plan my way to success & live a life of travel, while making a sh!*t load of money as a digital nomad living location independent.

& all those other digital nomads better watch out because this WarriorTraveller is now, finally about.

My first money making option is in the freelance writing world, followed closely by my new found thrill for blogging.

Who wouldn’t want to make money from their blog, especially if its enough to take you on a lifetime trip around the world.


Big dreams!

But possible if you work hard & smash it!

If there’s one thing I’ve learned by researching all the info online about digital nomads & their blogs, is that millions of people are smashing it with afilliate links, sponsored post, advertising & the likes.

The money to be made by freelancing & blogging looks very tasty.

But I’m not a greedy person & I wouldn’t want to kill my blog by having ads all over it & only using it as a travel funding source.

I enjoy blogging, so its not really a money maker option at the moment, but it would be nice, if you could turn something you like doing into a money making machine.

So I suppose its a viable option as another resource to fund my digital nomad goal & live a life working & travelling the world with a f#*k off smile on my face!


Anyway, I’m off now. Ta,Ra.

In the future. You can catch me smiling all the way to the blog bank.


Thanks for reading &…….


Go Digital Travellers 😜


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