‘Good Morning Vietnam’!

800px-Ha_Long_Bay_on_a_sunny_dayBackpacking in Vietnam.


Vietnam has got to be one for the close future on my ever growing hit list. My backpack & I would like that very, very much.

Infact, ‘we love it longtime’…..


Vietnam looks fantastic. Especially for a solo travel trip.

In South East Asia on the South China Sea. Known for its beaches, rivers, jungle & bustling cities. Its a backpackers dream.


My 1st stop would be the capital, Hanoi.


I’d get right amongst it & enjoy the hustle of this vibrant city. Visiting every bar in town of course. After a few days partying & hustling, I’d start to hit the top sights in the city & make my way to, Hoan Kien Lake.


The lake is a major scenic spot & tourist attraction. So I’d bounce around there for the day. Cracking on with other travellers & hitting on the locals just for the fun of it;) No doubt after a few alcoholic refreshments, I’d be the 1st one in the lake.


My next stop would be, the One Pillar Pagoda. A Buddhist Temple built in 1049.


I’d check the pagoda out for the history of the place & take a few snaps, maybe spend a few hours dancing in the rain to try to get intouch with spirituality.


After that I’d definitely hit the Dau-Go Cave.


This Cave of Wonders looks amazing!  They do guided tours, so I’d jump on that but discreetly slip away deeper into the cave by myself to really check out this limescale cave with illuminated Stalactites & Stalagmites. This place has got to be one for my solo travel hit list!


Then it would be on to, the Hoa Lo Prison Landmark.


I’d just have to check this place out. Its a POW Prison that was used during the Vietnam War. One for the camera trigger finger this is! Sadly however, that would be the end of Hanoi for me.


After the hustle of Hanoi, I,d head to Phu Quoc. A Vietnamese Island off the coast of Cambodia.


Best known for its popular resorts & white sand beaches with a palm-lined coast. This place looks right up my street. After a few days partying at the resort I’d collapse on the beach & make it my own to slowly recover. Then I’d make my way up the mountain, kill every mosquito in sight & pitch up. With that all sorted, I’d head straight for its Tropical Jungle to marvel at the wildlife & shower under a waterfall.


Maybe try a spot of Anthony Hopkins, in the movie Instinct & introduce myself to the jungle community.


After that you might never hear from me again. I would have integrated well & made my mark as the jungle silverback.


Seriously though, there’s so much to see & do in Vietnam. Its a great option for any traveller & its very high up on my solo travel hit list!

How about you, are you up for a solo backpacking trip in Vietnam?


Too right you are !


Thanks for reading &…….


Take it easy Travellers! 😜











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