5 Thrilling Travel Adventures.


Adventure Travel.

Hello there,

How’s everyone today on this wicked wednesday?

I’ve got 5 thrilling travel adventures right here for you all.

Are you up for it!


My 1st adventure is, the closest place to outer space. Why not take a backpacking trip to Mount Chimborazo, Ecuador.


An inactive volcano that last erupted in 550 AD. It stands over 20,000 ft high, while Mt Everest is over 29,000 ft. Mt Chimborazo is still the closest place to space that man can reach on foot. Its all to do with the earths surface & how its the furthest spot from the centre of the earth. Fascinating stuff huh….? It has several routes for climbers, so if your an adventure freak then this is the trip for you.



Next up & how’s this for an adventure, the tallest waterfall on the planet. Angel Falls, Venezuela.


Located in an isolated jungle region & is one of Venezuela’s top tourist attractions. A staggering 3,212 ft high & a quarter mile of rampaging rapids to die for. So put on your speedos & make that jump, then hit those rapids in your canoe because this adventure is right for you.



My next adventure is in Thailand with the Tuk Tuk Club. The worlds craziest driving adventure.


Let a crazy Thai psychopath take you on a tuk tuk ride through Thailand. Starting & finishing in the beautiful Mae Wang Valley. The Tuk Tuk Club takes you on a journey through South East Asia’s most spectacular scenery. Have you ever rocked up to a market in a tuk tuk then hurtled down mountain roads, crazy forests & even done a tuk tuk backflip off a waterfall? Let it all happen on this adventure. There’s nothing more thrilling than being so close to death but feeling so alive at the same time. This experience will thrill the very life out of you!



Next adventure, how about a Rocky Mountain Spectacular in Vancouver, Canada.


Go backpacking on this trip that’ll blow your mind. With adventure activities including, whitewater rafting, horseback riding, bungie jumping off Mt Edith Cavell or how about taking a shower under Takakkaw Waterfalls. This trip will satisfy all your adventure nut needs.



My final thrilling travel adventure is, the most treacherous waters on earth in Gansbaai, South Africa.


Take a dip with some evil looking Great White Sharks (in a cage throne of course)

This attraction will blow your head clean off & a Great White will rip it clean off if your not careful. Its an adventure spectacular, but you’ll need balls of stone to sit on that throne;)


Thats my five thrilling travel adventures for you all. Short & sweet but rather neat.

Thanks for reading &………


Live to Thrill Travellers šŸ˜œ





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