Travel Hit List.


Happening travellers !

As I sit here at the office, (spareroom.)


I thought I’d rattle off a quick post.
Its a bit of a hit list really.

My travel plans for this year & next.


Well first thing first.

Las Ramblas, Barcelona.


I’m sure by now everyone knows I’m back in Spain late September as I havn’t shut my face up about it recently. This years trip is basically a flight to Barcelona with a 2 night hotel booking & hitting Las Ramblas. Then on to Madrid for atleast a 1 night stay & finish off my trip in Murcia for some end of season watersport activities. It shall be fun, no,no, it shall be epic!


Sicily, Italy


That’ll do me for this year, but come next, I’m planning a week in Italy. I’ve been to Rome which was great, but I fancy Sicily, so that has to be on the cards. To check out Palermo & a few other places.

I’ll think I’m part of the Mafia when I’m there & hopefully I’ll meet a high ranking Mafioso & make some good connections that’ll fund my travel plans.




In June, Portugal sounds good. Its cheap & cheerful in most places, so I’m sure my funds can manage a quick week in a budget hotel.


Hong Kong, China

Then in September 2018, China has to be on the cards. 1st stop Hong Kong. I’ve never visited China although I know a lot about it & I’m planning on joining the Triads, so its definitely worth a visit!
Who knows…….


Bangkok, Thailand.


I might even make my way back down to Thailand for a short trip. Everyone says a short stay but it never works out that way as you can live like a king with the British pound & its a highly addictive country so I’ll have to be careful.




After that I’m thinking Gibraltar near the christmas. I’ve got family there so its always an option to spend christmas week before heading back home for the new year.

Thats about it, but you never know I might get some sort of windfall & do 1 for good. Continuously travelling the world is my main goal. To be living the dream & this WarriorTraveller always hits his goals!


Ok thats my rattle all done & dusted.
Thanks for reading &….

Keep it reem & live the dream travellers 😜



6 thoughts on “Travel Hit List.

  1. I want to hear all about your trip to Italy!
    I just returned from Barcelona, and a visit to the Rock, as well as Andorra, and the Azores.
    I suppose you read my blog on that 🙂 Thanks for the follow ans I look forward to catching up on your blogs and travel adventures!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. All your likes are making me blush! haha. Thanks for the visits. I’m hoping to get back into a routine soon on writing and reading blogs. Looking forward to hearing more from you!

        Liked by 1 person

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