‘Tasty Ten’ Travel Resources.


The Tasty Ten.

After an intensive monday morning research session, which brought on an even more intense headache I might add! I’ve come up with ‘Ten Tasty Travel Resources’ that’ll be handy to any traveller on their travels.

I think they’re definitely worth a shout-out to my fellow travellers, so lets get busy!

Its time to hit that link don’t you think !


First up & my favourite of the day is,




Holiday Pirates he said…


Is this man insane…?

What’s this WarriorTraveller talking about…?

I’m not getting robbed by no pirates!


Ahaa, now dont be too hasty my friend..! Dont be fooled by the name. This site is great, with some of the very best cheap deals around. Holiday Pirates basically combs the internet to find the cheapest prices on package holidays, city breaks, hotels, flights & even super-cheap ‘mistake’ fares.

You can regularly get a week in the sun, filled with fun, for as little as £100. Its best feature in my opinion is, it’ll package everything up for you, telling you to book this flight, that hotel, that hire car & everything else included. This website is a good resource for any traveller & thats why its made it on to my ‘Tasty Ten’ today!


Next is,



Viator is a great option if you’ve landed in your destination & your totally overwhelmed with what to do, what to see, what to eat, the best transport options & the list goes on & on my friend.

It offers activities that helps travellers get to the heart of the local experience, while removing some of them dreaded roadblocks. They’ll show you local tour groups, excursions, the best beach to visit & even the best restaurants, serving the best local cusuine. A tasty site if you ask me!


Up next & making it on to my ‘Tasty Ten’ is,



Thats right, Google Maps.

Ok this one might be obvious, but with its wealth of local info wherever you are in the world, its handy sat-nav & downloadable maps is a godsend to the modern traveller. It also links up all the best transport & walking options, so you’ll never get lost with Google Maps on your mobile now will you!


Next we have,



Now if your a fancy traveller that likes to travel in style & comfort, then this site’s for you.

It’ll help you pick the best flights based on leg room, seat position, wider seats, newer planes, faster wifi & even fewer neighbours, that you want to slap in their face because they’ve decided your shoulder is a nice pillow during them longhaul flights.

A lot more is available on this surprising site!


& next we have,



Adioso is basically a flight search engine for people who are flexible in when they fly. Their prices fluctuate so if their too high you can set an email alert that’ll let you know when prices dip & fit your budget. Quite a tasty site if your savvy if you ask me!


Next Tasty Travel Resource is,



Another tasty site if your in a bit of bother on your trip & got yourself in an alcoholic mess, to the state were you cant even remember your hotel. (Happens to me everytime;)

If thats the case then you simply forward your email booking confirmation to this tasty planning tool. Its great for planning your trip itinerary & if you plan to travel from place to place, as it’ll pop them in one sleek, shareable file, covering everything from flights, hotels, restaurants & many more. Thats why its hit my ‘Tasty Ten’ today!


Now we’re travelling to,



Hipmunk is a travel search engine for the likes of airfare, rental cars & hotel rates. It even tells you the best flights with the quickest travel routes & times, combined with the cheapest prices around. Thats why its another tasty travel website to keep in mind for any tasty traveller!


& up next we have,



Now this one is for the Glamping Camping nuts out there. Its a go-to site if your after something different. It’ll tell you the best options available that have all been reviewed, vetted & tested. There’s a huge worldwide selection to the Glamper Camper on this site & thats why its made my ‘Tasty Ten’!


Next up is,



Now Uber is a good site for a traveller but my tasty tip is Easy Taxi because it hooks you up with real, licensed cab drivers providing extra security, especially if your female. Its available in 170 cities around the world & you can pay by credit card aswell as cash. There’s no need to queue, unlike Uber in many destinations. Easy Taxi will come to you!


Last but not least on my ‘Tasty Ten Travel Resources’ is,



This site says it all (literally.)

Its great for translating websites to English & it comes into its own when your struggling to communicate on foreign soil. Its easy to use & its a must for any traveller to have on their mobile!


Ok, thats my ‘Tasty Ten Travel Resources’ for the traveller today.

Thanks for reading &…….


Keep it Tasty Travellers 😜


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