The Sunday Journal.


Yesss its Sunday… A day of rest for many, a day of fun for some.

‘Sunday funday’ for me!

As this is my Sunday Journal post I suppose I’ll have to mention something about my week.


Well my week isn’t worth talking about so…….

I plan to give wordpress a sweet left hook for the day & hit the carvery for a nice English traditional, then hit the bar & order some sweet stuff then alot more of that wonderful strong stuff.

While sitting outside soaking up the blaring sunday sun, I will glady wind up & annoy any poor numpty that happens to walk past. All in the name of fun!

What’s everyone else’s plans for today. Any joy?

Arh well not to worry, you lot just chill, rest up & recover!

After my sunday session I might take a walk along the beach to breathe in that fresh salty air & take in that horrible stench of sewage that seems to be getting worse the more I take it in. or is it just smell of my breath because I’m now chatting s!*t?

Who know’s….?

Anyway, times a ticking!

I’m off out to hoy myself about.


Take care peoples, have a great week 😜


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